Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wednesday, Oct. 8th

Our great little Alpine Inn in Gunnison was delightful and provided a very large breakfast for us before we headed west again. This morning's drive for the first hour followed a lake/reservoir that ran for miles and miles along the base of a canyon with soaring walls on both sides. Fall colors abound in the merging of golden Aspens among the green firs soaring together up the mountainsides. Tipped in red and some already bare the Aspens added another dimension to the scenery.

By 11am we'd arrived at our destination in Grand Junction; dropped the luggage at the hotel and headed for Roger & Carol's home. We've all been friends since 1957 so there was lots of reminiscing during the day. We headed out into the local wine country for tasting the fruits of the vine; and here we also had wine made from honey and fruit in addition to the grape! We sampled the favorites at six different Wineries and purchased custom made fudge at another one. Jim found a stemless glass that he hopes will fit into his holder on our little boat at home; preventing future spills. Yes, we also purchased a number of excellents bottles to take home with us!

Carol and Roger treated us to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and then back to their home for a taste of a special chocolate wine over ice cream. Later, at the hotel, we had time for a stroll down Main Street to view the Art on the Corner; an on going program in downtown Grand Junction that features metal sculptures, usually bronzes, that are also for sale. When one is sold a percentage of the sale goes to the program and another piece is installed.

Below is a selection of photos taken on our journey today. Tomorrow we're headed west again towards Utah.

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