Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Christmas Boat Parade

Many of you may have seen the one minute story on Good Morning America last Friday, December 12th, about Yorba Linda and how our Christmas lights are bringing a bright spot to cheer the families affected by our recent fires. Here are a few of our boats in the parade this past weekend. We had sixty plus boats in the parade on Saturday night and nearly as many again on Sunday evening. A grand time was had by all. Tonight we are worried about possible mudslides here in Yorba Linda and at the same time celebrating the arrival of snow in our mountains! It's a mixed world of fear and cheer! Our family is fine and shouldn't be affected by the mudslides.


Nancy said...

Oh my Goodness- HOW FUN! It sure makes our small town 'Lights at christmas' seem like small potatoes. Oh well the kids love it all and the kid in each of us does too.

I hope you and Jim have the Merriest christmas Ever and the mudslides don't affect you or yours.

much love

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha
I read your comment on my blog.
and so I came to yours to leave
a comment. We need to tell Terry how to do this as he said he did not know how to do it.

Mary said...

I lost my comment.....
will call you. Okay I see it posted as anonymous.