Friday, May 1, 2009


Friday, May 01, 2009 May Day

We planned to tour the inside of the Chateau in Fontainebleau this morning so we left about half past eight so that we could find parking easily. Arrived, got our parking permit and wandered inside when the gates opened at nine o’clock. We knew that we were early so we went to the gardens and spent some time there enjoying the lake and manicured surroundings behind the large “U” shaped chateau.

At nine thirty we went to the front and tried the entry door; still locked. Finally found someone and she said that the Chateau was still closed and would not open until May. We didn’t think about it at the time but today is the first day of May. But, I guess they hadn’t looked at their calendar either.

We were seeing small tables set up everywhere selling small bunches of flowers. Out on the side of the roads, in the towns on street corners, in front of houses, and everywhere; suddenly, it dawned on us: It’s May Day!

Back to the car that still had parking for two more hours we found a newly arrived vehicle and they were delighted to use the balance of our ticket for their car. We put the car in the direction of our next destination and had a few problems. Finally stopped at the train station and asked a taxi driver who put us in the right direction.

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