Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Tuesday, August 17th, 2004 Milan to London

Today is another travel day, this time to Milan’s Malpensa Airport for our trip to London. In order to make the train connections we had to leave about 8:45 am. Arrived at the station by cab and found that Martha’s promise of track #1 was wrong and we had to do a down and up. Our one and only switch was again a down and up tunnel and then we were in Milan. Caught the Express Bus to the airport and arrived about noon.

Our plane was scheduled to leave at 6 pm so we had three hours before we could check-in. We’re anxious to see Tom Hanks’ new movie “The Terminal” because we sort of lived it today! But, at this point we really didn’t care. We were happy to read, eat and “veg” at the airport; lots of shops to brows when we got tired of reading. Turned out the plane was an hour late so we didn’t get into London until after 8 pm. Caught the bus to our hotel near the airport and plan to go into London tomorrow by the tube to see the British Museum and a few other sights. I’m happy that I’ve found out that I can sign on to the Internet in my room; so good to be connected again. Airport Hotels cost a bit more but generally have all the latest in technology.

Wednesday, August 18th: Weather looks like rain so we took our jackets and umbrellas with us to the airport to catch the tube to central London. It took a little bit to find the tube that was down several flights of stairs. You’re in a tunnel for the first part of the trip and then above ground. We got off at the Tottenham Court Rd Station and by continuing to ask directions…everyone speaks English…. found the British Museum. The museum has always been free but they do request donations.

We spent most of the morning touring the antiquities sections. Jim was especially interested in Egypt because of the upcoming exhibit at Bowers on the Queen of Sheba. That was very interesting, especially when we got to the mummies. It’s a huge Museum and one could come for days and still only see a portion of what they have.

On the way back to the tube we stopped at a grocery store and purchased drinks and a sandwich. We took the tube to Hyde Park Station and then walked to Hyde Park to eat our picnic lunch on a park bench. From there we walked through St. James Park on the Princess Dianna walk to Buckingham Palace. Thought we’d found the new Memorial Fountain for Princess Diana but turned out to be the Canadian Memorial for war heroes. Took some photos of the palace and then walked back through the park to the Victoria Station for the ride back to Heathrow Airport. Arrived back at the airport about 5 pm and caught the Hoppa Bus back to the hotel near Heathrow Airport. We spent a week in London about ten years ago so today’s journey was reliving old memories.

Our best to you all…this is the last Journal for our trip. We fly to Los Angeles straight from London tomorrow morning.

Tune in on August 20th for the 2009 USA Tour that we took in July...only a few days but a fun journey!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed London with you. Will miss having you in Europe but am looking forward to your newest trip to Montana tomorrow. Mary
ps loved your Twitter to Lance about seeing him in Paris 2010.

London Hotel said...

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