Tuesday, October 18, 2011


October 18th, 2011 Packed and Ready to Go.

Hard to believe that we were in the air a week ago, flying home from New York City. It's been a very busy week...preparing to leave tomorrow for a three week trip to England with my sister-in-law, Barbara. Two months ago, Barbara asked me about going to England with her. She originally wanted to go in September or early October; but because of prior commitments to go to Indiana for my 55th High School Reunion and then on to New York City for a week with husband Jim...this was the earliest we could leave.

Over the past two months we planned our trip. Barbara invited another sister-in-law, Nancy, to go with us. Nancy is the widow of her husband's older brother and lives in Chicago. She will fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul from Chicago; we will fly there from LAX...then we will all three fly together to London Heathrow Airport in England. We only have an hour to make our connection; so light a candle that we all make it to London together!

Our tentative schedule is to spend four nights in London and then pick up our rental car for a two week journey around England. We will go to the Cotswold's first, then south to the coast below Bristol. Heading north to Shrewsbury then on to the Lake District where we'll spend almost a week before stopping by York on our way back to London. We'll spend our last two nights in London. Other than a triple room in London; we're traveling without hotel reservations; we'll have fun finding our lodgings as we go! And, remember...we're driving on the left side of the road!

I will blog our journey as often as possible. When traveling one never knows when the Internet will be available! Stay tuned for our serendipity trip through the United Kingdom.

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