Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Airline Changes

As our trip draws closer you'll notice that I'm blogging every six days so that my post date will eventually be on Monday...the day of the week that we fly across the pond!

Today we received notice from American Airlines that our flight details were changed. Have you ever booked flights months in advance and not had them change? This is the second change for the flight home...a minor bump that keeps us on the same plane in Austin...yes...we go through customs in Dallas and then hop to Austin before our final flight to LAX. But...we'll be arriving an hour later than originally. Not good for our lucky relatives who will be meeting us with the car!

We've been working on discovering the actual size of the trunk space in the car that we've rented in France. All the information is in meters that they have sent us...also in French...and after translating everything we really don't know much more than we did last October. So me thinks we'll just trust the original estimate and assume everything will fit! Linda did email me the information that we had in October and that helped reassure me.

I found my padlock for the bridge in Paris. Yes, we're taking one with a key...printed our names on it...and will attach it to the bridge with everyone else's...then toss the key into the Seine River as a symbol of our undying love. It's been 52 years so I guess we qualify! I think it started in Rome near Trevi Fountain and has become a phenomenon in cities as varied as Belgium to Japan. Last year the locks on the bridge Pont des Arts near the Louvre were cut off, reportedly by the government. But romance won and now locks are on two bridges in Paris: Pont des Art and Pont de l'Archevéché. We also have directions to find a friend's lock to verify that it is still there.

The sun is shining and it'll be 80 degrees here in sunny California today; compared to the 50's in Paris. But, it's better than the 20 degree weather they were having early this month. We are hoping that the daily temperatures continue to rise over the next six weeks.

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