Saturday, June 16, 2012


On April 9th we took the Metro to the Bastille Station, walked past the Opera de Paris Bastille and found the stairway up to the Promenade Plantee or as the french call it:  Coulee verte...the green course.
This is a nearly three mile walking trail created along the path of an old train line that cut through the center of the 12th arrondissement from the Bastille towards the Bois de Vincennes, a very large park just outside the peripherique.  Much of it is elevated and has views of the city on both sides of the trail.
On the corner of Avenue Daumesnil...the trail parallels this street...and Rue de Rambouillet, we discovered this unusual building.  Not the building so much as the statues that surround the top floor.  A close up is below.  And, on the ground floor there is a police station!   Rue de Rambouillet leads into the Gare de Lyon, one of Paris' major train stations.   Notice the unusual cut outs on the back of each statue. 

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