Friday, November 9, 2012

Planning a new trip in the fall of 2013...

I'm slowing feeling guilty about not posting in my blog; so will start next week with posting more of my photos from the spring trip to France.  For now I've been very busy attending classes at our local university that are designed for Senior Citizens; no homework, no stress, just enjoy the opportunity to learn new things.  I've spent most of my time in classes on android cell phones...yes...I'm entering the smart phone world and love all of it.  I'm taking several different writing classes.  For one of them I'm working on my travel blog from my 2009 trip with my twin sister to "clean" it up for a book someday.  I'm sitting in on Lectures about European Art, and my favorite are my two classes a week on French.  Little by little I learn new words and phrases.  Still haven't mastered the art of conjugating verbs; concentrating more on phrases that I can use when I'm in France.

We're also planning a new trip in the fall of 2013; Jim and I will go to St. Petersburg, Russia at the beginning of the trip and then do several major Eastern Europe Cities (Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna) and then head for Paris for a couple of weeks.  My twin sister will meet us in Paris just before Jim departs for the USA and we will spend another six weeks traveling in France, Spain and Italy to celebrate our 75th birthday.

So we've lots of traveling to do over the next year...stay tuned for updates as we put our plans together.  In the meantime, I'll post photos regularly for your enjoyment.

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