Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Christmas Lights

2012 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS .... It's been a while since I've posted...for those that check apologies for the extended absence...I'll try to do better.  The past month has been very busy as we completed our extensive Christmas decorations for the Boat Parade Party last weekend.  The slideshow is a combination of photos that were taken by our good friend Jim Benet during the party on Saturday night.  The photos taken from the lake are by me during the Sunday night parade...somewhat fuzzy but fun to look at from the perspective of the lake.  This was the 25th Anniversary of our Boat Parade here in East Lake; to celebrate they had four searchlights in the sky and we released fifty helium filled white balloons with a small light inside of the balloon each night; we all released them together from the boats at the start of the parade.  A fabulous sight in the night sky!   The final set of photos are from two nights of viewing lights; Yale Avenue in Fullerton has the sparkleballs high in the sky along with several extra special yard displays.  A few are from a neighborhood in north Brea.  Do hope you enjoy the Christmas lights. 

 To all of my readers....Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year in 2013.

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