Sunday, October 6, 2013

Traveling from Assisi to Roma

We woke very early; read our books and finished packing while we waited for 8:30 am breakfast.  It was another feast served with lots of style.   The owner of the B&B has a shop full of cute things and she uses many of them to also serve her guests.    We had melon, orange juice, toast, breakfast cake, Greek yogurt, cereal, coffee, jams and honey; each presented in a special dish.   The yogurt was in a heart shaped bowl.  The melon and cake were on little glass plates and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Back up in the room we checked everything, packed the computers and began our wait for the taxi that was scheduled to pick us up at 10:30 am.   A knock on the downstairs door and lots of commotion about five minutes after ten announced that the taxi had arrived early.  Good thing we were ready.  It was a lovely lady who seemed in a hurry to get us to the train station!    We were concerned as Julia had left and said she’d be there when we left as we had no way to lock the door behind us!    Fortunately she arrived just as we were ready to pull away.    Leaving Assisi we saw that the mountain top was again shrouded in fog as we’d seen yesterday afternoon.  We also had a difficult drive out because of all the pilgrims and tourists that were arriving for the day.  But…it was not raining and that was good!
Down in the town at the base of the hill the sun was shining and the train station was packed!   Some were going to Florence but most were heading for Rome.    We had no choice but to put our luggage in the overhead; a nice man gave us a hand and put them both up for us.   The train was packed; I felt sorry for the ones getting on at stations between Assisi and Rome; there were hardly any seats left for new passengers.  No one had reserved seats on this Regional train.  We enjoyed some of our food while on the train and read our digital books during the two hour ride.   The Italian man who’d put our luggage up on the overhead rack was very upset because the electrical outlet was not working to charge his phone.  Everyone around us was involved and giving their two cents…lots of hand language.  I added my comment:   “FIAT….fix it again Tony…”  everyone laughed as they seemed to understand what I was saying.  In other words….lots of broken things in Italy that are always needing work!
By two o’clock we were in Rome; the train stopped way outside and we had to walk a long way pulling our luggage into the station; but no up and down stairs which was greatly appreciated.  Our Hostel, the Beehive, is only about two blocks from the station and with no rain it was an easy walk.
I’ve stayed here in 2006 and 2009; it’s a great place to stay in Roma.  They have private rooms but I’ve always stayed in the dorms.   We will be staying here for a week when we return next week.  They also have apartments that they manage all over Rome and they are expanding to other cities in Europe.  An American couple owns the company.
After settling in and sending emails home we headed out to walk a bit in the ancient city.  Very crowded around the station but otherwise not too bad.  Much warmer weather here than in Assisi.   We walked over to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and then headed back around the train station to visit another beautiful church called the Basilica Sacro Cuore.  By this time is was five o’clock and time for some food.  We’d seen a MacDonald’s in the train station and decided to indulge in some “fast food”.   I had a cheeseburger and Mary had some fries and a malt.  We enjoyed them very much.  Picked up some food for the train tomorrow morning at the grocery store in the train station.  Termini is like a little city with everything a tourist needs.  

Back to the Hostel and some quiet time before we head for the showers and bed.  Tomorrow we are leaving for the train station at 8:30 am for our long day of traveling to Naples and then on to Sorrento.
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