Sunday, April 1, 2012


Monday, April 2, 2012

We will be in the air on our way to Paris by the time most of you read this journal entry. We finished packing last Friday, closed the suitcases about 3 pm and then our house sitting friends arrived from New York about 11 pm.

One of the last items we tucked inside Jim’s suitcase was a reflective vest; a recent French law requires that there be at least one of these in every car. Since we’d brought one home from the Tour de France in 2010; we decided to take it back to France with us for our driving tour.

The weather keeps changing in Paris…last week they were predicting snow on Good Friday and now it looks like no snow…just cooler weather. Wouldn’t that be fun to experience snow in Paris! It would have been a first in our book of travels. I mentioned to several people that I don’t remember being so excited about a trip recently. It must be due to the fact that we’re renting an apartment for three weeks in Paris; definitely a first! We’re anxious to experience the difference from staying in a hotel other than just the cost being more reasonable.

Hopefully you’ll receive my first blog from Paris within twenty-four hours! My first item is purchasing a cell phone and then checking out the rentals on the bike share program that they have all over the city of Paris. Then before the evening is done…a blog to tell you all that we’ve arrived safely and what we did on our first day in back Paris. And who said you can’t go home again!

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