Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We met in the lobby at 9 am this morning and walked to the local Boulangerie for a continental breakfast.   Then back up to the top of the street for a final view of the Basilique of Sainte-Madeleine.  Weather seemed a bit warmer but was sprinkling off and on.  As we were leaving the church we saw one of the old French Citron pre-war vintage cars come up the hill.  Right behind him were three more.  Apparently they were on a group drive and we were lucky enough to see four of these vintage cars all together!  Our first surprise of the day.

Back to the bottom of the hill and our hotel where we stopped at the weekly street market right in front of our hotel where we purchased salami and a slab of aged cheese.  Then a quick trip to the store for bread and a bottle of wine.  Packed the car and headed off on our day’s adventure.
Linda had planned a day of adventure on the back roads winding through a National Forest.  Terry got a workout today with driving the twisting two lane roads but it was beautiful French countryside and we all enjoyed the scenery.  Especially after we opened the sun roof so that Linda and I also had more of the views.

Jim is getting very good at the GPS system…it was either learn how or give up the front seat!  He was motivated and has been a quick learner with Linda’s able guidance from the back seat.

Our first stop about 11 pm was at a beautiful church called L’Eglise Notre-Dame, built in the twelfth century.  It had an unusually large covered entrance in front that caught our eye as we drove around the corner.  Then back in the car and off to the Chateau de Bazoches.

Privately owned and extremely well maintained, this was definitely an A+ in the rating books.  Out in the countryside with vistas on every side; we spent about two hours on the tour  as we enjoyed it so much and they had very informative cards of information for every room to explain the history.  
It was misting slightly as we got into the car and headed towards Saulien which was an hour away.  Half way there we stopped to see a rushing stream of water and decided to stay for lunch.  Since it was raining outside we had our picnic in the car.  The boys handled the wine and the girls cut the cheese and salami.  It was a fun half hour in the middle of the forest!

We arrived in Saulien and visited the Basillique St.Andoche; a twelfth century church that was not very impressive.  We decided to head for Autum and there we found another unimpressive church and Roman Ruins.  

Our surprise was a wonderful amphitheatre that held 20,000 people when it was built in the Roman times.   Then off to find the two remaining gates into the city from Roman times.  There are still some of the walls standing that surrounded the city.  

By this time it was after 5 pm so we set “Daisy” for the fast route to Beaune and our hotel.  Yes…we’ve named our GPS “Daisy” and when she’s naughty she has another name that I can’t print here!  But we do love her British accent!


By 6 pm we were checked into our hotel in Beaune…The Hotel de la Cloche on Place Madeliene.  We walked around the town and then settled for a nice restaurant in the center of town for another delicious dinner and a grande beer!  Linda enjoyed her dessert as we all watched before heading home.  We got lost but finally found our way and so once again…a quiet ending to another beautiful day in France.  And…they are saying it’s going to be dry and warmer tomorrow!  About time!

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