Monday, May 28, 2012


Monday, May 28, 2012

We met in the lobby of our hotel at 9:30 am and then caught the metro to the Musee Louvre.  Arrived just before opening at 10 am.  The Museum Pass again proved invaluable as we walked through security check points with no problems.  

We split up after entering as Jim was being granted a reprieve for the day…promising to be at the hotel before 5 pm he was free to enjoy his day at the Louvre Museum.  He loved every minute of his day and actually returned to the hotel about 3:30 pm.

Terry, Linda and I hung together as we explored the huge museum.  Our first visit was to the statue known as “winged victory”; reached by climbing many marble steps, you earn the right to view this magnificent statue.  Did I mention…the crowds were horrendous today!  It was like being pulled by the ocean tides.

Around the corner and down the hall we were swept along to view the “Mona Lisa”; a small painting compared to most of the others.  Terry got the best photos because of his height.  Across the room was an enormous canvas painting of “The Marriage of Cana”.  

Our next painting was another enormous painting of “The Coronation of Emperior Napoleon”.  Our next quest was to find the “Venus de Milo”; another famous statue of Aphrodite; the goddess of love.  

Then the fun began; we wanted to see the Napoleon III Apartments in the Richelieu Section.  Up and down and up and down we went, stopping for directions by coming to dead ends.  Finally found the main section under the Pyramid and crossed from the Denon to the Richelieu Section.  There we found the Cour Marly; an open court yard in the center of the Richelieu Section covered by a clear roof that contains beautiful marble status on several different levels of marble steps and flooring.

The Napoleon apartments are a favorite of mine and both Terry and Linda seemed to enjoy the very ornate furniture and especially the crystal chandeliers.   There was a small display of some of the few remaining crown jewels.  

Our schedule was complete and it was noon.  Off we went to take the necessary photos outside with Linda’s arm resting on top of the Pyamid; then out from the building to the Royal Gardens and a look through the window at the famous Restaurant Vefour; used in many movies.  The prices posted on the menu in the window are a good reason not to plan dinner here anytime soon.

We walked the streets to the Opera House and then around the back of it to the Galleries Lafayette that has the famous stained glass ceiling.  We rode the escalators up to the eighth floor for a view of Paris from the artificial grass covered rooftop.  Checked out the menu on the restaurant on the roof and decided to go back to the street level for a delightful lunch at the Brasserie La Opera.  

I had Terry direct us on the Metro system for our return trip that took one transfer.  He did great and they seem to be very comfortable with the Metro system here in Paris.

We have a couple of hours to rest and then we’re going to the Rue Cler area tonight for dinner and then a viewing of the lights on the Eiffel Tower after dark.  

Like yesterday…I’m going to post this now and then will add more later when we return to the hotel tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow is our last full day in Paris and our trip up the Eiffel tower.  We purchased our tickets over two months ago.  

Although we expected rain last night; it never rained here in Paris…just overcast skies.  They said possibly rain today but the sun has been shining brightly all day. 
Postscript:   We had a wonderful dinner as guests of Terry and Linda at the Café du marche on Rue Cler near the Eiffel Tower.  Then we walked to the Eiffel Tower and found that the lights are not coming on until 10 pm now!  What to do for an hour?   

We decided to take the long anticipated boat ride on the Seine River!  Lots of fun to see Paris from the water…the quai was full of people out to enjoy a warm summer evening.  

We arrived back at the Eiffel Tower just as the lights came on and the strobe lights were blinking.  We hurried to the bridge to get some photos and then decided to try something new.  There are new taxicabs in Paris this year called Tuk Tuk & Co.  Actually an extended motor scooter made by Vespa in Italy with seating for up to four people; can go up to 65 mph but thankfully he didn’t go that fast.  We had a very bumpy ride but lots of fun arriving back at the hotel about 10:30 pm.  What a serendipity day!

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