Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We started our day right after another delicious breakfast by 9 am.  Weather was overcast and we actually had two spells of rain during our road trip north to Amboise in the Loire Valley.  The first hour was on country roads; Sarlat is located in the middle of some beautiful country but it takes time to get in and out of the area.  We finally reached the Auto Route 20 and started making some good time until Limoges and then we were back on the smaller roads as we headed west towards Oradour-sur Glane.  

 This is a town that has been kept “as is” in memory of the events on June 10, 1944.   On that day Nazi Troops killed 642 men, women and children and then burned their bodies and the entire town to cover up the evidence of what happened.  The French government has kept this town in memory of those victims and to remind people so that it never happens again.  It is a very moving experience to walk through the streets; one can still smell the burn odor. 

Back on the road heading North West towards Auto Route 10 we had two more hours of two and occasionally four lane roads until we reached the A10 just north of Poitiers…then it was smooth sailing for another two hours to Amboise…a long travel day.  The boys split the driving today.

We are now in a B&B called La Grange…only four bedrooms; located right in the center of the old city and easy walking distance to all of the sites.  Terry, Linda and I walked…5 minutes…to the Chateau Amboise for a tour just before they closed their gate.   This has the chapel where Leonardo da Vinci is buried.   We actually had time to spare when we finished touring the gardens and the chateau.  I’ve seen this one and all the others we’ll see in the next three days but I never tire of walking though these exquisite halls of history.

Checked out a few restaurants in town and then walked back to the B&B where we freshened up, added Jim to the group and then headed back towards the Chateau for some dinner at one of the dozen or so restaurants across the street from the Chateau.  We made it a simple night and ended up at Via Roma…Italian food and beer.  I enjoyed pizza.   

After dinner we walked to Leonardo da Vinci’s home; about a ten minute walk each way; and then past some of the homes built into the Limestone hillside.  One is a Gite…wouldn’t that be interesting to rent while visiting the Loire Valley.   A bientot….

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