Monday, May 27, 2013

Monet at Giverny

Just north of Paris you will find the paradise gardens of Claude Monet in the village of Giverny.  Here is a photo that I took last Spring of his beautiful water lilies in the pond near his home.  If you're spending more than a few days in Paris, think about a day trip to add to your memories.  After visiting his home and gardens the Musee's of The Orangerie and Marmottan in Paris will open your imagination as you remember your day in Giverny.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Chateau de Versailles - The Hamlet

Touring the Chateau is only a portion of the what makes this the most visited Chateau in France.  Leaving the formal grounds around the Chateau by a little train; you will soon arrive at the Trianon Palaces.  A short walk behind them will bring you to the delightful oasis called the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette.  A quaint re-creation of a French Village called "The Hamlet" where Marie-Antoinette enjoyed living occasionally; enjoying the simple life of a peasant.  She built a complex of twelve thatched-roof buildings fronting a lake as her own private "Normand" village.  This was an actual working farm with a dairy, water mill, a pigeon coop and animals.  The only building that does not have a thatched-roof was the Queen's house; grander than the others inside; allowing her to still enjoy her creature comforts while staying in her Hamlet.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Night On The Town in Paris...

For an elegant and special evening out in Paris...spend a hour or so enjoying a Kir or your favorite drink at the bar in the grand Hotel Le Meurice.  Don't spoil the effect with your camera...this photo was found on the Internet.  Put on your best outfit and the doorman will welcome you with open arms.  Be prepared to spend close to fifty euros for drinks and a few nibblies!  But great memories...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Washington Square NYC

A reminder of the Arch de Triomphe in the Big Apple.  Miniture in size but always brings memories of Paris.....this was taken last Saturday during a trip to New York City with family.  We were walking through Washington Square!  Good to be back in California.