Thursday, May 12, 2011


Monday, November 20th, 2000 Traveling home

Sun came out as we left Paris over an hour late. We were scheduled to leave at 10:20 and didn’t lift off until 11:35 am. Rather uneventful flight over. Everyone pretty much stayed awake as it was daylight the whole way home! Arrived in Dallas about 3 pm. They’d made up most of the time we’d lost in Paris. Breezed through customs with no hitches and fast walked all the way to the next terminal to catch the flight to Ontario. Probably should have requested a cart, but didn’t think about it. They kept passing us all the way there and Jim was more than a little bit upset with the drivers constantly asking us to move over so they could get past us. When we arrived at the gate they were already loading all passengers and we went straight for the gate! Settled in and ready for our final leg of the journey we relaxed and waited for the take off.

Arrived timely about 5 pm at Ontario International Airport to the waiting arms of our good friends Dave and Shari. They were waiving a sign they had made with our name and little American Flags! Soooo good to be home!

We drove the Fiat 16,650 KM or 10,323 miles. The cost of the car with rental, fuel, parking fees and toll fees was approximately $36.00 per day. We were gone 70 days. Although we didn’t do the trip for $100 per day, we averaged $170/day including air fare and the car and all those wonderful meals! And that also included all the cans of soup we carried home for our party!

I hope that you've enjoyed our three months adventure in Europe. I'm going to take a break for a month and then will post another of our trips for your enjoyment. Mark your calendar to check my Blog on Father's Day, June 19th for the beginning of another adventure!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sunday, November 19th, 2000 Last Night

Left the hotel about 9:30 am and drove to Charles De Gaulle Airport and the Ibis Hotel at Roissypole, a complex of hotels and office buildings in the vicinity of the airport. We checked into the hotel, emptied the car and then drove to the airport to return the car. Found the return area without too many problems. Will have to watch the Visa bill to make sure we weren’t charged extra for anything.

We returned to the hotel on the hotel shuttle bus from the airport. Arrived back at the hotel about 1:30 and had lunch there. Then spent several hours repacking the suitcases utilizing the newest case that we’d just purchased in Paris. This way, we have the correct number of cases and no boxes to deal with! You can tell we're ready to go home when we spend the last day of the trip at the airport!

Jim returned from his walk around the area and we then went together to investigate the train/bus station that is right next to the hotel. Tomorrow should be a “snap” for getting to the airport! Much faster and easier than the shuttle bus.

Dinner at the hotel was OK…nothing fancy. Washed our hair and got to bed about 10 pm. One last day in paradise!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Saturday, November 18th, 2000 Paris

Slept in this morning. Jim finally went out and brought back some rolls to go with our chocolate, orange juice and coffee. Dressed warmly and took our umbrellas as we headed towards the Metro. On the way there we saw a gold leafed flame statute. Around the base were flowers. When we investigated, it is an old statute in memory of the Statute of Liberty torch that sits above the tunnel where Princes Diana was killed. People have hand written notes and fresh flowers all over the base to honor Princes Diana. It is very near the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the Seine River.

Into the Metro and three stops later we walked through the park towards a small museum that now houses over sixty Claude Monet paintings donated by his son in 1971. It is known as the Musee Marmottan after the man who donated his private collection and home as a Musee to the city in 1932. Wonderful display with some originals by other masters as well as Monet. One of the nicest Museums that we’ve seen on the trip. Had planned to go to the Picasso Musee, but decided not to go after finishing the Marmottan.

Back by Metro, three transfers and we achieved a stop much closer to the hotel. Weather has been very overcast all day, but not really raining. That’s contrary to the television weather reports which says it’s raining in Paris. Plan to go to a local church for Mass tonight so we can get an early start tomorrow for the airport to turn the car in and do the final packing of the luggage for the airport. Also going to a different restaurant in the area tonight after church for dinner.

As we arrived back at the hotel this afternoon, the wine shop across the street was doing a promotional on the new wine...known as Beaujolais Nouveau....designed to drank within a year! He had his tasting cup on a ribbon around his neck. We chatted, took photos and tasted a glass. Actually much better than last nights, but no room in the suitcase! We surprised him when we knew about the way to check clarity with the metal cup! More information at

Decided who the hotel clerk looks and sounds like…Peter Strauss, who was the star of Rich Man….. several years ago. Could be his twin brother!

Jim took the phone card out to a phone booth to use the extra time on the card by calling family. Good thing he’d told Russ that he was on a calling card! They all had a good laugh at his sudden hang up when the time ran out on the card!

We had dinner at Le Bosquet after attending church in the neighborhood. They were very busy tonight and had a full house. Good thing we arrived right at 7 pm. After dinner we walked over to the Eiffel Tower again and were rewarded with a strobe light show which lasted about twenty minutes.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Friday, November 17th, 2000 Paris, France

Up during the night, too much wine then the motron upset the stomach! Rough night to say the least! Sure didn’t want to move much at daybreak! But the sun was out and after a light breakfast we walked to the car to check on it as it’s in an outside lot and there’s lots of luggage in the trunk. Everything fine. Then walked to the National Hotel of Invalides, only a few blocks, to see Napoleon’s Tomb and the Military Museum.

I left after the Tomb and went back to the hotel to rest and recuperate; Jim really enjoyed the military museum. Jim picked up crepes from the shop on the street, and brought them up to the room for our lunch. The Rue Cler is a famous shopping area. They have all kinds of food stalls plus a ton of restaurants in the area!

Walked out and purchased a large inexpensive suitcase to take things home on the airplane. It was only 199 Franc which is about $25.00. Should make it easier getting things home. Rain started about 5 pm but had stopped by the time we walked over to last nights restaurant to try the onion soup. Also had Beaujolais Nouveau, the new wine for 2000 season. It’s very popular in Europe to drink the new wine, which comes out on November 16th! We missed it by one day! Walked home the long way so that we could look at the Eiffel Tower lights at night. We’re only a few blocks from the Tower. Nice evening, drinking lots of bottled water and watching the political story in America on Bush and Gore!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Thursday, November 16th, 2000 PARIS

Up early, packed the car before breakfast at 7:30 am. We met the baker delivering the breakfast bread when we went out the front door! It was still dark! Saw a group of three women basketball players in a restroom on the interstate…they were at least six foot five inches tall, if not taller. I’ve never seen women that tall in person!

Raining lightly. Arrived at Chartes Cathedral about 10 pm. Stayed for an hour. Always a beautiful church. Blue in the windows are spectacular shades. On to Paris, still raining. We’ve noticed that most of the cities have their Christmas decorations up on the streets. Not turning them on yet, but do have them ready and waiting.

Took us half an hour to find our hotel due to one way streets. We finally parked about a block away and walked to the Hotel Champ du Mars. It’s located in the Rue Cher area, which has lots of narrow one way streets and lots of pedestrian only streets. We have a cute little room over looking the garden but next to a “quiet” elevator. Jim tried to change the room but they said take it or leave it, no changing; they’re booked solid! Cable TV and a bathtub. No bidet. Walls are a warm yellow. Rick Steves says it’s decorated in Provence colors.

Decided to make our own breakfast in our rooms so we shopped for more chocolate. We still have coffee. Also got some orange juice, we’re chilling it on the window ledge. Jim will get fresh rolls each morning on the corner. Used the phone card from Beaune to call home.

Walked about checking out the Restaurants and found a Brassiere with four women playing accordions together. They were really good. Sat and drank three Kir each while we enjoyed the music. Back at the hotel we made a few more calls before heading out for dinner at 7 pm at La Serre, a cute little restaurant located nearby that was recommended by Rick Steves. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Had cassoulet with huge beans! Drank too much wine and there was a cute little dog of the owners for companionship during the meal.