Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roatan, Honduras & Belize

Monday while we were “at sea” Shari and I spent an hour in the spa with a free consultation on how to look ten years younger!  As we’d both suspected…it was a nicely presented presentation to get us to spent at least $700.00 or so for injections and creams.  Oh well, it was fun and a nice way to spend an hour. 
I’d posted my previous blog during the afternoon and after a delicious dinner we all went to the theater and laughed almost continuously for an hour with the comedian Noodles.  Most of his stories were based on everyday life on cruise ships that we could all relate to easily.  One of the funniest came from a member of the audience when Noodles asked him about the shower in his room.  He immediately responded by saying that you soaped the walls and spun around!   We all enjoyed the reference to our small round showers!  
We moved our clocks back an hour and headed for bed after a stroll around the open deck. 
Tuesday morning we were awake at six o’clock and looking forward to a visit to Honduras and the port city of Roatan,   We arrived in a pouring rain storm.   Deck Six is covered by Deck Seven and we were still able to enjoy our two mile walk with views of the port through the raindrops.  At nine o’clock I headed for the Dazzles Lounge to listen to a presentation on how to become a Travel Writer.  She was very good and prior to working for the cruise lines she had written for several different magazines as a freelance writer and also had a blog online.  She had some good tips but it was definitely geared on how to publish and/or make money with your writings.   I did give her my card and hopefully she take a look at my blog and give me some good advice about how to improve my style. 

After lunch we grabbed our umbrellas and headed off the ship to visit the shops that lined the dock; full of every imaginable trinket and brightly colored shirts to entice us to spend our dollars.  We did split the cost of a bottle of wine (plus the corkage fee to bring it aboard).   Soon we were back aboard the ship and deep into our favorite game of cards.   Today the girls played the boys and the boys skunked us with 13,420 to our 3,510.   For those that know the game; that’s really bad!   But we’re all good sports and it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon.   We rarely saw the sun today!
By 5:30 pm we were all decked out in our sparkly evening clothes and met in Dave and Shari’s room for a glass of our new wine along with some crunchies from the Garden Café…..fruit loop cereal!  
Then off to the fancy Italian Restaurant on board called La Cucina.  Very elegant décor and delicious Italian food for every course. 
The main show was a repeat from the prior cruise so we made it an early evening.   I did two turns around deck six and then headed in to read my book.  Our hallway has been very interesting today and will be again tomorrow; they are installing new carpet! 
Wednesday, Day #4 of the new cruise.  I woke at 5 am and headed out in the dark to get my hour of walking in while I watched the sun come up.  It was a beautiful sunrise and we were in the port by six o’clock when I went back to the cabin with our morning coffee and chocolate.  Jim was still asleep so I sat in the atrium and read my book until seven.  When I went into the room Jim said it was raining; news to me as it’d been clear when I walked.   Sure enough it was pouring outside when we went up to the Garden Café for breakfast.  The place was packed as people were up early again as we’d set out clocks back another hour last night.
Belize looks beautiful from what we can see.    We are sitting off shore with another even larger cruise ship.  There are many small tenders transporting passengers to the dock.  We’re reading now and will go in to see the shops after we have lunch at 11:30 am.    Probably won’t stay long but will be a good experience to ride the tender both ways.  The weather has finally cleared and they are saying that we’re having sunshine for the balance of the afternoon. 

Tomorrow will be another day and I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens in Belize.  Thanks for stopping by to check on our adventure.    Below is the slideshow.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tampa, Florida

We arrived early Sunday morning, day number fifteen, for the end of the first part of our cruise.  We had a leisurely breakfast and then left the ship at ten o’clock with the intention of walking a block to the Aquarium during our down time in Tampa.  But…contrary to what we’d heard….rumors were that it was “free”….the $20.95 admission fee for each of us seemed extravagant as we only planned to be there for a short time.   So we continued walking around the port until eleven o’clock when the Tourist Office opened and everyone rushed in to shop! 
From the time we tied up to the dock, everyone on board the ship had their cell phones in hand making calls to family and friends.  We were no exception and managed to call everyone in our family during the few hours that we were in Tampa.  Good to talk with each of them and find out the latest news on family and friends. 
By noon we were back on the ship and eating lunch in the Garden Café.  Afterwards we started another game of Hand and Foot with Shari and I skunking the boys by over six thousand points!  We had 14,735 points to their 8,550.   
Soon we were each doing our own thing; reading, crafts, napping, etc.  At 4:30 pm…they tossed off the ropes and we headed out to Tampa Bay with several new crew members and mostly new guests.  There is a handful of people who have been aboard with us since Los Angeles, but not many.  The new crowd is much younger, many more children and the gambling Casino is full all day long!  The decks are jammed with sun bathers and the hot tubs are full.  Definitely a different crowd.
But we did enjoy sailing under the Sky Way Bridge that connects Tampa and St. Petersburg with Bradenton and points south about 6:30 pm.  It took two hours from the dock to finally reach the bridge and enter into the gulf from Tampa Bay.   No…we could not spot our friend’s home from the ship even though we knew about where it should be on the coastline.   We enjoyed an early dinner in the Garden Café and then attended the early show at seven o’clock.  It was a Variety Show with the dancers performing, introduction of various crew members and a short performance by the new comedian that will be performing Monday evening. 
Monday morning we were up early as we’d set our clocks back an hour last night and got to sleep early because of it.  This is Day Two of the new cruise. 
Both Jim and I are reading books all the time so we’re never at a loss for something to do.  The television in the room is rarely on which is nice.  I walked my two miles today but Jim passed.  The weather is cool and breezy but the sun is shining bright and the pools are full.  But then the Casino is also full.  Not sure but I’d say there are many more people on this seven day cruise than we had on the first portion of the trip. 
One of many fruit carvings done on Saturday at a class.
We met for lunch at 11:30 am in the Garden Café and then had our daily dose of Hand and Foot.  Jim and I were partners today and although the score was close they definitely beat us each hand and took the game by three thousand points.  This afternoon, Shari and I are going to the free session at the Spa that they say will make us look ten years younger!    The boys wanted to go to the Hot Tubs but again…too full.  
Dinner tonight will be at the Four Seasons; and then the early show where the comedian is performing for an hour.  This has been a good day at sea and tomorrow we land in Roatan, Honduras.   We’re planning to stay near the port.   One interesting observation is that we’re seeing repeat performances by some of the entertainers and also the music has changed.  We can no longer find any groups playing classical music; as I said…it’s a younger crowd.

Thanks again for signing in to hear about our continuing cruise in the Gulf.   Below is the slideshow:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cartagena, Columbia

Tuesday was the Panama Canal and Wednesday morning we arrived in Cartagena, Columbia about eleven o’clock in the morning.  We watched the coastline and could easily see the beautiful skyline of skyscrapers while we were still far from shore. 
After docking we headed for the buffet and lunch at 11:30 am.  Then off the ship to the waiting shuttle buses that took us to the Port Entry building.  There we enjoyed watching the pink flamingo birds, beautiful peacocks that could not be enticed to open their beautiful tail feathers.   There was a large iguana and many other birds.  They were behind a short fence but were feed regularly so didn’t attempt to fly away.   
After strolling through the gift shop and trying on many hats we made it through without purchasing anything.   The other side of the building had many different types of birds that were flying over our heads and landing on the trees that also head monkeys.   Lots of fun and great photo opportunities.  Eventually we were at the Taxi Stand.  Everyone was offering different rates but we’d been told before that $20.00 was the going rate for a cab to the Old Walled Town of Cartagena. 
He was a nice man, not much English, but the cab’s air conditioner left much to be desired.  We were all sweating profusely by the time we arrived at the walls of the old city.  It was not raining but the humidity level was so dense that it was
difficult to breath at times. 
Leaving the cab at one o’clock we decided to return at three o’clock and hopefully meet out same cab driver for the trip back to the ship.  As soon as we walked into the tiny streets that swarmed with yellow cabs we were easy targets for the vendors.  They had Jim trying on hats all the time and Dave actually purchased a shirt from one fellow when the price became so low he couldn’t resist the bargain!
Suddenly we saw the statue of a reclining nude who was more than a few pounds overweight.  Yes, a sculpture by the famous Botero .   Jim couldn’t resist a photo with his hand above the very hot to the touch breast of the woman.  He took a lot of ribbing by the tourists in the crowd! 
The Cathedral was not open, much to our dismay.  It is only open in the morning and again in the evening.   The Museum was open but they wanted $16.00 per person and we didn’t have much time was again…we walked past the venue. 
The Tourist Office was air conditioned and we spent some time in there to cool off before continuing to the Watch Tower and shops with all of the sweets.  Shari negotiated a great price on a very long strand of pearls in a craft shop while Jim enjoyed a very cold Pepsi; his first on the trip. 
Soon we’d had enough and headed back through the streets towards the taxicab parking area.  There we spent some time on the wall that surrounds the old city.  It is broad enough that a car can drive along the top of it.  One of the ship tours is to walk all around the top of the wall.  But, by this time is was 2:30 pm and we were ready for air conditioning.   We found a new cab and were blessed with air conditioning that worked!   The traffic was busy but we enjoyed the ride in the cool car with a driver who spoke only Spanish but with Dave’s fractured Spanish we learned many details of the city.  We found his name was Jorge Washington Mendoza. 

Back on the ship we headed for the hot tubs and salt water pools.  There we stayed until it was time to dress for dinner before Jim and I headed for our third tango lesson.  Afterwards we met in Dave and Shari’s room to share a glass of wine from the bottle that Dave purchased here on the ship after they went on sale at a discount, a Chilean Merlot.   We took out glasses and enjoyed a casual dinner in the Garden Café before Dave and Shari headed for the evening show and we went to listen to the Amber Duo in the Windjammer performing classical music.  A wonderful day in Columbia as we sailed out of the port about seven o’clock in the evening.
Thursday was a day at Sea as we headed towards Tampa and the final destination for many of our fellow cruise mates.   We’ll enjoy a day in port there on Sunday and then head out with new passengers to enjoy another week in the Caribbean. 
  It was a fun day of cards, an hour with a wonderful comedian named David Naster who taught us the value of laughter during the toughest times.    We walked the decks, played cards and ended the evening after dinner with our first show:  Oh What A Night – A Tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.   The group had arrived straight was Las Vegas while we were docked in Cartagena.    Beautiful voices and lots of fun.  We really enjoyed the show. 
Today, Friday, is another day at sea.  We’re going to watch the film that they took during our Panama Canal crossing this morning and then probably more cards.

I will hopefully be able to make phone calls on Sunday while we are in Tampa to family; but if not…remember we love you all.  Thanks for sharing our journey.  More to come after we leave Tampa on Sunday.  Below I've finally pasted the slideshow for you; the first two photos are of the multitude of paintings that we on our deck; there are art auctions nearly every day.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crossing the Panama Canal

On Monday we spent the day at sea as we continued south to Panama and the canal.  During the day we enjoyed playing our favorite game of cards, listening to music at various venues during the day, a Tango dance lesson, long walks on deck six and rain throughout the day.   It was an early night for us after dinner in the Four Season as we wanted to rise early for the arrival in Panama.
Jim decided to sleep in but I wanted to experience it all so by four o’clock I was up and out on the deck in the pitch black of night; but I was not alone.  There were pockets of people all over the ship.  I headed for the Observation Lounge on deck 12 where we had enjoyed a few dances on Monday evening.  I knew that would be the best place to watch the arrival; yes…that’s also where I found the most people. 
People were beginning to bring chairs out onto the deck just as I left about 4:30 to knock on Dave and Shari’s door as I’d promised.  No answer, so I slipped a note under the door and went back up to twelve; there were twice as many people and I only had room for one chair and then I stood beside it to hold a second space. 
Sure enough, David arrived within ten minutes and brought out a second chair.  So, we had two chairs right on the rail.  Shari arrived and David left to get us each a cup of coffee; it was still very dark.  As it started to get light; deck hands arrived and said we were not allowed to bring the chairs out but when they realized how many were out there…we’d lined the entire deck with them…they backed away and we kept the chairs.  The deck was packed solid by the time we sailed under the America’s Bridge at around seven o’clock.  Jim arrived shortly afterwards.  I’d awaken him when I rushed down to charge my camera battery…yes….I’d already taken so many photos that I was using my backup battery. 
We took our place in line and headed for the canal and the first set of locks.  It was a long day but progress was steady as we traversed three sets of locks and two lakes.  After the first set of locks we gave up our space on the rail and headed for breakfast.  It was about 9 am by that time.  Then we took out the cards after reviewing my photos from the morning on my computer; and played four hands of our favorite card game. 
At 11 am we managed to get a table next to the windows and continued watching the progress as we visited and played cards.  Shari and Dave took an hour to see a presentation of the history of the Panama Canal and when they returned we ate lunch.  It was nearly four o’clock by the time we finished the last lock and headed towards the coast on our way to Columbia. 
Time for the hot tubs before getting ready for dinner.  We dressed up and ate at the Seven Seas Restaurant this evening and even enjoyed a glass of wine with our dinner.  We’re waiting for maintenance to repair our toilet that has developed a slow leak at the base.  And then it’s off to bed and a sleep in morning as we don’t arrive in Cartagena, Columbia until 11 am.  But we are there until seven o’clock in the evening.

Thanks for sharing our experience with the canal today….
And now you can enjoy the slideshow of our adventure through the Panama Canal...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Zipline in Costa Rica

Our stop in Puerto Chiapas was uneventful except for constant rain and military gunboats in the bay where we spent the day.  Those that went into town by bus commented on the large number of machine gun carrying military personal but no unusual events.  There was a large grass roofed building in the port and the quality of shops inside was much better than in our last port.  There was a tiny Museum about King Pikal of Guatemala and Jim was delighted when he was able to negotiate a reduced price on a small leather wall hanging replica of the cover on his tomb or something like that.  They wanted $30 and Jim managed to get it for $20 which made his day!
We watched two different movies in the afternoon and then as we were leaving the port we watched a well dressed woman depart with three large pieces of luggage shortly after an ambulance pulled away from the ship.  Apparently another passenger had medical issues.  Can’t imagine being left in a strange country with medical issues.  But, it’s an issue that is always in the back of our minds as we continue to grow older and traveling becomes more fraught with possible problems.
We again enjoyed the various venues for music as the evening progressed and we turned our clocks back an hour…yes twice forward and now back an hour…as we headed for Costa Rica.
Saturday was spent on the high seas as we continued south along the coast.  The rain continued most of the morning but the covered deck allowed us to enjoy walking several miles in the fresh air.   We played four hands of our favorite card game…the boys against the girls and we got skunked by the guys!  But it was still fun. 
In the afternoon Dave and I enjoyed the Martini tasting hour; six different designer martinis.  Most had grey goose vodka but two were with gin and one was rum.  Added to these were various liquors to create different flavors:  The first was with Elderflower, the second was called Aviation with Bombay Gin and cream violet liquor.  Third was a Lemon Grove….like a lemon drop.  The fourth one was a Chambord base of raspberry liquor and the fifth one was called an Iceberg.  Gin with orange liquor bluegrass owl that gave it a pale blue color…my least favorite.  The sixth was with Rum…called a Rumcake.  The raspberry Chambord base again with Godiva Chocolate and heavy cream.  Yummy!
We really enjoyed our music after dinner this evening and then off to bed for an early start to our adventure in Costa Rica on Sunday.
Woke at 5 am anticipating our adventure.  It was nearly nine o’clock before we were on the bus and headed for the rain forest.  Predicted rain didn’t arrive until late in the evening.  But it was still very humid as they had torrential rain storms the night before!  We had a seventy-five minute bus ride (air conditioned) into the rain forest of Costa Rica.   During the ride our very knowledgeable guide gave us the history of his country and his family.  We stopped on one bridge and viewed the huge crocodiles sunning on the riverbank far below.   That was one of the excursions offered but I like ours much better. 
Shortly after ten we were high in the mountains and enjoying fabulous views.  We were each outfitted with a harness and helmet.  We were allowed to keep our backpacks and cameras.  So we did get some photos for you.  Shari had elected to pass on our adventure so it was just the three of us and about forty-five others.   We were divided into groups of eight for a ride in the Aerial Trams that skimmed the tree tops as we headed further up the mountain.  Far below we heard the rushing water and eventually saw the water falls gushing down the mountain. 
At the top we started our decent by way of ten different cables, some as long as two hundred feet, that traversed from ridge to ridge giving us fabulous views of the valley far below and in the distance we could see the ocean.    It was an exciting experience spinning across the cable and occasionally twisting round and round.   The fun part was letting go of the cable and leaning back to enjoy the sense of freedom as you sped across the valley. 
One of the hardest parts of the journey was the walk down to the base from the last platform.  Thank goodness we didn’t have rain as it would have really been tough if the path had also been muddy. 
Jim was suffering with his knees from the stress of the constant pounding on the down step.  We also had to be careful where we stepped and still watch for the occasional low branch that was ready to clip us in the head.   Along the way we were constantly entertained by the trail of ants that were carrying pieces of leaves to their nest to build their food preserves.  They are much larger ants than we have at home…nearly half an inch in length.  We were told that they were “farming” and are a very organized colony, each having their job to do. 
Soon we were back at the base and enjoying a lovely lunch before a final tour of the gardens with glass enclosed cases along the way displaying various bugs and finally several with snakes.  One of the most fun plants was a tiny fern leaf that closes when you touch it.  We also found the coco tree and many other plants that are native to Costa Rica. 
I did luck out and spotted a Toucan in the trees during lunch.  With the help of the long distance feature I was able to snap a photo of him hiding in the tree.  By three o’clock we were back on the bus for our ride back to the ship.  I enjoyed a short nap after the lecture was finished…yes he kept it short on the return and let us catch some zzzzz’s on the way home.
Our evening started with the hot tub to ease the pain out of our knees from the hike down the last stretch of the mountain…worked marvelously.  Soon we were showered and dressed in white for the “White Night” event planned for the evening.   After dinner we headed for the tango dance lessons…yes…we’re going to be getting an hour lesson every evening from now until we arrive in Tampa.  We’re going to give it a try!   And we also enjoyed more dancing tonight than since we left Los Angeles!  We gained another hour this evening as we moved our clocks forward before turning off the lights which made it about 11 pm. 

Thanks for joining us for our adventure today, another day at sea tomorrow and then we arrive in the Panama Canal.  

Below you will find the slideshow for both our visit to Puerto Chiapas, Mexico and the following day at Sea.  The final photos are from our day in Puntarenas, Costa Rica where we enjoyed the adventure on  the Zipline.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Huatulco, Mexico

Wednesday was a day of cruising along the Mexican coast interrupted for an hour of heavy rain with loud cracks of lightning and thunder in the middle of the day!   And it was repeated during the night but we slept through that storm.  The day was filled with classical music, three wonderful meals and an afternoon of Hand and Foot, a card game.  Dave and I won these games so our score was even.  After a dress up dinner in the Seven Seas Restaurant we walked the entire length of Deck Six to enjoy the beautiful sunset after our storms.
After another hour of music and we were off to bed while Dave and Shari enjoyed the Song and Dance review in the theatre.  

Thursday we docked in Huatulco, Mexico.  There we watched an ambulance arrive and take one of the guests to the hospital.   He was unresponsive on the gurney; but we have no idea of the cause or the outcome for him.    After the touring groups departed we walked off the ship and down the dock to the port. 

Lots of shops to brows but nothing interested us enough to entice us to spend money but we did enjoy our walk.  Especially to see the open air church that has a wooden cross that traces its history back hundreds of years.
The area was full of military guards, each carrying an automatic weapon; much to the surprise of guests who were experiencing their first adventure outside the USA.    We even had some rain sprinkles as we walked today with our umbrellas.   Most of the people on the boat were off on a variety of activities planned for the day from long bus rides inland to the larger towns, into the jungles to visit plantations and villages and others elected to cruise on small boats to visit the various bays in the area. 
We enjoyed returning to the boat for a leisurely lunch, watched the movie “Veronica Mars” and then a couple of hours of Hand and Foot, our new card game.  A twist was that we switched partners and Jim and I won today’s match.
Music for an hour before dinner, then we met with my friends Faye and Ampora for dinner together in the Four Seasons Dining Room.  The “brass” was out this evening visiting the tables to chat with the guests about their experiences in the port today.  We’re very impressed with the crew from the Captain on down on this ship.   Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  They call it “free style” cruising; lots of choices and not as much formality especially in the dining rooms in the evening. 
Tomorrow we visit our last port in Mexico; Puerto Chiapas.  We’ve been told that this city is renowned for being the most dangerous.  They have a reputation for violent murders without any real reason on a regular basis.   We’ve decided to stay in the port again and enjoy the amenities on the ship after seeing what the port offers.   We’re so enjoying the relaxation and new movies that they show for those that stay on board.  Our big adventure comes on Sunday when we visit Costa Rica.

Thanks for checking in to share in our adventure along the Mexican Coast…

Here is the slideshow...remember if you double click on the show it will take you to the full photo version in Picasa...  This includes a Day at Sea and our visit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our evening in Paris….

Monday I experimented with the Internet; as expected it is slow.   Took me eight minutes to post the short blog with only four photos yesterday.   But we did get out and walk the jogging deck for two miles plus I did another mile with Shari in the late afternoon.  Feels good to stretch the muscles.  We’re experiencing gentle rolls which are just enough to remind us that we are on a cruise!
In the afternoon we spent two hours around a table learning how to play the card game of Hand and Foot.  It takes five decks of cards and lots of cooperation with a partner.  Shari and Jim won three of the four hands but Dave and I held our heads high and promised another round on another day!  Lots of fun even for Mr. Jim who is not a card player.  Maybe it’s because they won?
We enjoyed some of our free time during the day on three different occasions by relaxing in the Atrium to the lovely sounds of two different musical groups:  a viola and classical guitar and the second group was a violin, viola and cello.   They rotate throughout the day from eleven in the morning until eleven at night. 
At 4 pm we retired to our rooms to dress up for the evening.  An hour of music from five to six and then up to the twelfth deck to the French Restaurant called Le Bistro for a fabulous French dinner as good as any you’d find in Paris.  There are six specialty restaurants on the ship that charge a cover charge ranging from $15 to $30. Per person; but well worth the dollars.   There are three other large restaurants that are included in the price of the cruise.  We started our meal with a Kir Royale and then enjoyed a three course dinner of French cuisine including duck for Mr. Jim.  Across the dining room sat
tablemates from the wine tasting the day before and she delighted in sending me over a plate of goat cheese as I’d chided her during the wine tasting about acquiring a taste for cheese when she had aged a bit….yes, she is a beautiful young thing now.  Turned out it wasn’t the taste for her but the fact that she has a reaction to many cheeses.  We went to visit with them after the meal as we enjoyed the sunset.  Then back to the lobby to enjoy another round of music before heading off to bed.
Tuesday morning we awoke in the port of Puerto Vallarta.  Walked a mile by myself and by ten we met Dave and Shari to walk around the port.  Turns out there is a huge new shopping mall within walking distance of the port and also a Super Walmart. We enjoyed both and found insulated coffee cups at Walmart for only $4.00 each to use in the morning to bring hot coffee back to the room early in the morning.  The exchange rate is very reasonable and we were able to pay with USA Dollars but if you needed change it was in Pesos. 
Hard liquor was for sale at the port but if you purchased it; they took it at the ship and it would be returned to you just before your final trip off the ship. 
They want you to drink their liquor!
Jim stopped at the Pharmacy in the port for something for his back pain???   Says it’s helping??
We walked on the ship and went straight to the Dazzle Bar where they showed us a very new movie called “Transcendence” with Johnny Depp.  Good movie.  After enjoying lunch in the Garden Café Shari did her crafts, Jim watched another movie in the room and Dave and I went to the hot tubs at the pool for a relaxing time that also relaxed the muscles.
Tonight we’re headed to the casual dining room called Four Seasons which allows dress shorts for the men instead of long pants required in the other dining rooms for dinner.  But first, a drink and then some music and dinner at seven as we ate a late lunch.
Closing for now and will send this tomorrow just in case there is any exciting news to add, it’s a day at sea so we’ll have more free time.  Maybe Bingo and definitely more Hand and Foot card games. 

Thanks for taking time to enjoy sharing our journey.  Here is a slideshow of today that I'm posting from Florida on November 6th. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cruising off the California Coast…

We are now into day three of our cruise.  Our departure from San Pedro, California was a late start but we enjoyed the settling in period.    Our daughter Wendy delivered us right to the Departure Area Drop-off Station and we were all checked in and having lunch by 2 pm.  One hitch was the bottle of wine that Dave had…yep…they charged him a $15. Corkage fee for the $5. Bottle but we still have our cocktail drink before dinner in their cabin thanks to Dave’s planning ahead.   Suitcases were unpacked and stored for the duration.  Shari’s large suitcase didn’t arrive until nearly 6 pm…we were all a bit worried as all of her clothes and projects were in that suitcase! 
We explored the ship after the mandatory lifeboat drill and found that our location is perfect for us.  We’re on the 7th of 12 decks and towards the bow of the ship…just a few steps from the atrium with the elevators and steps… so we don’t have to walk too far to get where we want to go.
Germs are a necessary evil of cruise ships and they have stations everywhere for automatically dispensing Purell and when you enter any food area there is a staff member with a spray bottle saying “washie, washie” as she sprays your hands with Purell.  We feel very safe about the “germ” issue!
Our stateroom is an inside but very comfortable and definitely easy for sleeping as it’s pitch black at night.  Dave and Shari have a beautiful window above their bed so we go to their room to enjoy the view each evening before dinner.  We’ve located the walking deck…level six has a broad walkway, one side for joggers and the other for walkers and all going in the same direction.  Three and half turns around equals one mile in the fresh ocean air.
We’ve been enjoying our dinners in one of the main dining rooms, the Four Seasons, but tonight we’re dressing up and have reservations for the French dining room called Le Bistro.  Jim has found duck on the menu!   Our breakfast and lunches have been in the Garden Café which is on deck 11; just past the pool area.
Yesterday I was walking to the Chapel on deck 12 and thought I recognized a familiar face; I turned around as she was getting up….it was my real estate buddy Faye Hedrick.  We started in the business together with the same broker and when I opened my office, she came with us and was our first “agent” that we hired.  What fun we had reminiscing.  She’d received my email about the blog beginning again and thought that I just might be on the same ship that she was schedule to go on.  So, she’d been looking for me but it was a complete surprise to see her for me.  We haven’t seen each other for years as she moved to Nevada to live near her son.  She’s on the cruise with a friend who lives in Irvine.  We’ll get together for dinner one of these nights. 
The Wine Tasting event was yesterday and while Jim and Shari napped in their rooms, Dave and I enjoyed tasting six different wines paired with cheeses and fruits.  Lots of fun and definitely put a buzz on because as most of you know…I finished each glass.  We passed on our cocktail before dinner last night. 
An early dinner at 5 pm and then enjoyed the 6 pm early show.  The comedian Troy Thirdgill kept us in stiches for an hour with his clean and very funny routine.  The casino is on our floor so we walk through it regularly but haven’t dropped a nickel yet.  Actually, it never really seems that busy. 
As we head south along the California and now the Mexican coasts, the water is smooth and we only feel a gentle roll now and then.  The weather continues to get warmer and warmer.  Early this morning….we woke at 6:30 am as opposed to Sunday morning when we slept in until 9 am.  Went upstairs to The Garden Grill and found coffee and chocolate.  Enjoyed the balmy weather in the still dark sky before bringing our drinks back to our room so that I could type on my Blog.
I will not be posting slideshows until we reach Florida but plan to put some photos in each time.  The Internet is okay but not speedy and at forty cents a minute, because I purchased a package or it would be seventy-five cents, time flies and it get’s expensive!

Thanks for checking to see how we’re enjoying our cruise. We will visit Puerto Vallarta in Mexico tomorrow..Tuesday…plan to stay in the port area, as we’ve been there before.  

Here, finally, is the long promised slideshow...hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We're Cruising the Panama Canal Journey from LA to Florida

Here we go again!  Jim and I will be leaving on Saturday, October 11th, along with very good friends Dave and Shari.   Our trip will be a multi-layer adventure beginning with a Cruise through the Panama Canal during a 22 day trip ending in Tampa Florida.  The map I found on the Internet gives you an approximate view as we start in Los Angeles and end in Florida.  In between we've many different stops for a variety of activities.

We will spend one whole day going through the Panama Canal on the 21st before enjoying the ruins in the jungles and a fun day in Puntarenas as we spin over the ziplines. 

As you know; cruises are not known for the best of the Internet so bear with me as I post whenever I can and will finish up while we spend two weeks in Florida with family before we fly to Peru.   If you are a fan of Instagram; I'm going to be posting photos when possible.  Look for marthajansen.      

Our last two weeks will be in Peru to experience the historical Machu Picchu ruins high in the mountains.   Then it's back to Los Angeles and family to celebrate the Christmas Holidays.  Hopefully most of the holiday decor will be up and waiting for us when we return.  Our elves are the multitude of children we have in and out of the house while we are traveling the world.  So nice to know someone is taking care of everything!

Check in regularly and enjoy another Armchair Travel Adventure with Martha