Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sorry ... a few of these won't make sense...but I did not edit much...Martha
These were taken both from our house and up the street within two miles of our house.
Still fire in the hills but we are all ok and all the kids are here hanging our Christmas lights this morning. Church as only half full but we all went. Know several people who lost their homes but we are all OK. Thank the Lord and all your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, aren't you glad you have fire proof roofs now. We had friends off Stonehaven that had to evacuate but house is okay. Scary. We will keep our fingers crossed that the Santa Ana winds die down soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha, loved your photos, I could see the smoke from your direction, but we didn't dare venture away from this place. Take care, and I know you guys feel like us------thankful to be spared the heartache of loss, and thank God for looking after us.

Love, Nanc ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha&Jim,
it's really frightening to see the fire being so close. Thanks for the special pictures - some of tham are really scary. We're watching the news as well from the other side of the world and hoping the the danger will be over soon. Wonder if Vons was closed? Hope there was no damage south of Y.L.Bld. Feel for everyone who has lost just anything in this inferno.
Hope your kids are safe as well and everything will be back to normal soon.
Love Agie