Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Didn’t set the alarm and woke up about 10 am….did the breakfast run to MacCafe and then headed to the Metro for a fast trip to the largest flea market in Europe: El Rastro

We were a bit late but all of the shops were still open…but within an hour they were starting to close as the weather was changing rapidly and rain was in the air. Didn’t find anything worth buying except a neck scarf for Jim to keep him warmer; soon we were back on the Metro and the hotel to gather our cameras, passports and valuables that we’d left behind as the El Rastro Flea Market is best known for the gangs of thieves that go after the tourists and every book we read advised us to lock everything in the hotel safe and only take some cash with you.

Rested a bit and headed out to go by Metro to see the Bull Ring north of town. Opps, the rain had arrived but we were well prepared. In viewing the photos it looks like we’ve gained about fifty pounds…that’s the result of double coats. The bull fights don’t begin until after Easter so we didn’t get to watch an actual performance.

We enjoyed the outside of the Bull Ring and the statues in the plaza before crossing the street to one of the many restaurants displaying heads of slain bulls on the walls. There were enjoyed an early dinner before we climbed back aboard the Metro back to Puerta del Sol. We walked to the Plaza Mayor to enjoy…yes, even in the rain… the mime’s waiting to perform for a bit of change in their bucket. Lots of fun before we arrived at the Market Place that we’d stopped at yesterday. Had another look around, bought a drink and some bananas for tomorrow. By now it was dark and we continued to the Cathedral and Palace to take a look at them with the lights.

Stopped in the Cathedral a few minutes, there was a high Mass being celebrated so we couldn’t walk through again. Streets were crowded as we slowly made our way home to the hotel by 9 pm. And so another full day of touring has come to an end. Thanks for joining us on our travels.

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Bonnie said...

Hi Martha. Again, I can enjoy a trip with you. You always are so informative and your pictures are fantastic. I hope you all have a great trip. ENJOY!! You met me this when you visted your sister Mary here in LLV. Bonnie