Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home in California

Just a note to let you know that yes...I'm home again. A very uneventful flight that lasted for twenty hours....Paris to Chicago to Dallas to Orange County! Left Paris at 12:15 pm and arrived home at 10:30 pm the same day....gained back nine hours during the flights.

The missing boarding pass didn't raise an eyebrow and was replaced effortlessly by a very efficient staff at Charles de Gaulle Airport. I had to wait an hour before I could get in line for help....they don't want to talk to you until two hours before your flight! But their system works very well and the waiting times were minimal.

Thanks to "No Jet Lag" pills... I have not had any adverse effects from the long flight. My friends tell me it's in my head but whatever it is they do seem to help. Those along with my "First Class Sleeper" pillow that floats between me and seat makes for easier traveling. Check it out if you've got a long trip planned.

Again...thanks for joining us on Armchair Traveler.....

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