Saturday, October 29, 2011


Saturday, October 29th, 2011 Malton country Inn

I woke up about 7 am and worked on my journal and organizing the receipts for the trip. By 8:30 the girls were awake and at 9:15 we headed down to the breakfast room. A full English breakfast was waiting for us. We had to pay cash for this B&B but everything was really great except for the fact that my computer did not work with their wifi.

The owner and clerk was Arthur, a Scottish gentleman who owns three B&B’s in York. We had fun with him this morning as we were one of the last guests in the breakfast room and he took time to chat with us.

Packed up the car and headed into the town centre; walking distance if we were staying another day. We circled around trying to get to the parking lot across from the York Minster; oops…suddenly we realized we were in a pedestrian only walkway. We were getting all sorts of looks as we slowly wound our way through block after block looking for a way out. Suddenly there was a knock on our window. A young female policewoman said we were going the wrong way on a one way street. She very nicely worked with us giving us written directions out and to a car park.

We all relaxed and were delighted to pay the seven pound fee for parking! We started walking to the York Minister, a fair distance away. We had fun in a store of miniatures. Crossed the bridge and then Barbara spotted an On/Off bus service. For only seven pounds each we had a wonderful ride all the way around the city with a live commentary as we went describing the sites. We passed the Merchants Adventure Hall…the early Guild… St. Deny’s Church, Clifford Tower…the only thing left of a huge castle…one of two in the city…nothing left of the other one. But there is a wall surrounding the city!

We passed the Jorvik Center which we had already decided not to tour. Out into the suburbs where we passed the empty Chocolate Factory. Notice the clock tower on the factory; it says Terry York instead of numbers. So whenever it was photographed it was an instant advertisement for the city of York.

The race course was empty except for a track meet that was happening with young people. We finally arrived at Stop 1 and hopped off to visit the York Minister about a block away from the stop. That block required lots of stopping for jewelry stores that lined the street. But, we finally made it into the York Minister and enjoyed walking through the huge church. Much older and larger than Westminster Abbey in London.

Walked towards Betty’s Tea Rooms…everyone we talked to say we must go there when we’re in York….more jewelry stores to pass and noticed the costumed people advertising for the Ghost walks this evening. If we were staying those are fun…especially this close to Halloween. We easily found Betty’s Tea Rooms and the line was over a block lone…we decided to brave the crowds at the nearby McDonalds and enjoy our lunch there. We finally arrived back at the bus stop after more window shopping and hopped on for our ride back to the starting place and our car park.

By 3 pm we were on the road and headed north east towards Malton; our destination for tonight. We are stopping here so that we’ll be ready to tour Castle Howard in the morning. The signs said fourteen miles but it seemed a lot longer. We stopped at one hotel but there was no room at the Inn. Such a shame as it was like a castle but there was a wedding that evening and they were fully booked. But they did call ahead for us to another place about ten minutes up the road.

Didn’t think we’d ever arrived but after one false turn we did. It’s a dot on the country road but charming and only 90 pounds for one room with three beds including breakfast. And it’s on the first floor. Actually, it’s like a motel in the back; made it easy to take all the luggage into the room and replenish the small bags. Nancy has the mattress on the floor…her choice…I told her I’d take the next one if we have to do it again. Beats paying for another room and we’re quite good together.

First thing was to go to the bar and use the wifi for sending yesterday’s journal. Then we had dinner at the Inn. It’s called Cresswell Arms. We all decided to have the chef’s lasagna with chips and salad. I splurged and had a pint of delicious beer since the driving is done for the night.

Tomorrow we headed for a three hour drive to the Lake District and staying in Windermere; no reservations but so far we’ve done well. It should be easier on a Monday night. Our plan is to stay there for three nights. This should give Barbara a nice rest also.

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