Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hard to believe that in less than eight weeks we'll begin our newest adventure...a two month trip to France. Yes...we're going again to our favorite places.

We will begin our trip with three weeks in Paris; something different than a week or a few days here and there staying in hotels. This time we have taken it one step further and rented a studio apartment in the 15th Arrodissement....that's walking distance to the Eiffel Tower. Our plans are to visit the twenty Arrondissements over the three weeks to discover the little treasures tucked in the secret corners of Paris.

Right now we are busy researching those secrets on the Internet, reading books and enjoying a few blogspots that feature daily photos of Paris. When you've time click on this one: you may have to cut & paste but you'll enjoying returning each morning for a new photo and the wonderful French music on the site.

I'm busy putting everything on the bed in the guest room to determine what I need and how much of it I can squeeze into our two small pieces of luggage....always a challenge! I'm going to be blogging at least weekly...and maybe more....about our preparations! Stay tuned....

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