Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exploring Budapest on the First Day

It’s been an interesting day having arrived about noon from Krakow.  Our apartment is very nice; a large studio with kitchenette; designed for long term living on a temporary basis.  We’re on the sixth floor but there is an elevator.  As soon as we connected to the Internet WiFi we called our friend Las who originally moved from Budapest to the USA years ago. 
He lived near us in East Lake Shores and we knew them fairly well.  In 2005 he and his family returned to Budapest to be near their aging parents.  He is still here and it was so much fun as he drove us around the city for a couple of hours.   We got such a kick out of the shirt that he wore; our East Lake Duck shirts that we all wore for parties on the lake.
I took many photos of some of the buildings here in the city and also a couple of snaps of their Roman Ruins that have been excavated here in the city.  Their history goes back a long time!
After returning to our hotel we got out and walk our area.  Found a small mom and pop pizza hole in the wall where we enjoyed pizza and also visited a beautiful church.  Walked until we found a Metro and took the very long escalators down into the earth, reminiscent of St. Petersburg.  Went one stop back towards our hotel and got off.  It’s called getting our feet wet!  On the walk home we found the huge, modern shopping mall that Las had shown us.  Went downstairs and found the large grocery store and purchased food for our next three breakfast meals in our room.  We have a refrigerator, microwave, stove and oven; much more than we’ll use to fix our breakfast.

Home again, made lots of phone calls.  Actually talked with our son Joe who is home from the hospital today after more than three weeks in the hospital.  Keep him in your prayers, he has a long way to go yet.  But show have a couple of weeks before treatments start again for his throat cancer.  
It’s been a long day so I’m keeping this short; our goal tonight is to learn the names of the Metro Stops before we get on it tomorrow to meet our friend Las for an organ concert at noon.
Hope you enjoy the photo link below:

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