Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Day to Berlin

It’s been a long day.  After breakfast we finished packing our suitcases…had to find room inside my large case for my big purse as we can only carry on one piece and that’s my backpack.  But they did allow us to carry our neck & back cushions.
Once we were finished we headed out and spent about two hours walking along the Neva River.  We walked to the Marble Palace and walked three quarters of the way across the bridge towards Peter and Paul Fortress; mostly to get a better photo of the mosque and also some pictures of the traffic on the river.  It took a while but we got one boat load of tourists to wave to us!   We then turned around and walked all the way past the Hermitage Museums to the next bridge before heading back to the hotel.

At 1 pm George arrived and we headed for the airport.  He was willing to take us to see some more sites but we said that we were ready to go early to the airport and wait.  Little did we know that we’d have to wait in the entrance for two hours before gaining entrance to the terminal and the check in for our big piece of luggage when we picked up our boarding pass.   But, interestingly they put everything through security before we entered the airport.  Actually had to open on of the suitcases when they saw something they didn’t like…turned out to be some clips that I carry to attached things together inside my purse.  Then we had to go through again when we went through the gate.  But we were able to connect to free wifi at the airport and that helped to pass the time.
But finally we were in and ready for our two and a half hour flight to Berlin.  We lost two hours so we left at 5:30 pm and arrived at 6 pm.  Breezed through customs and found a taxi for our ride to the hotel.  It was well worth the 22 euros!  Brought us right to the door.

We’re are in a “hostel” but our floor is all private rooms with an in suite bathroom.  But it’s designed for groups…we have five single beds.  But no mosquitos we’ve been told so should be on the mend soon.  The Internet connect is not as good but we do have a free one that has allowed us to make some phone calls home before heading off to bed.  It’s nearly midnight but that’s 2 am Russian time!
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