Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel Day to Prague

Last night we were surprised with fireworks over the river at 10 pm when they closed the festival that was happening all weekend in Dresden.  Hope you enjoy the photos.   We’d just turned out the lights when they started.  We’d expected them on Saturday night but they didn’t happen.

This morning we awoke to expected rain and sure enough; when it was time to go to the train station it was lightly sprinkling.  So we sprung for a taxi to the station; only 500 meters and less than five euros but well worth it!  Actually we were both secretly glad of the excuse not to pull the luggage over the cobblestones!
Our train ride was very pleasant.  We were in large cars today instead of the small compartments.  We had a lovely German woman next to us who enjoyed sharing some information about Prague; she spoke no English and we didn’t “sprecken de Deutsche”; but we had a delightful time exchanging information with her.  It helped that Jim had his Eyewitness Prague book open.  

 The time flew and in just over two hours we were in Prague by 1:30 pm.  We’d cable locked our two large suitcases to the bike rack at the end of the car so I regularly made walks back to check on it when we’d stop at a station.  If a passenger   Lots of young people on the train.  But I didn’t hear much English; mostly Japanese and Europeans. 
came aboard with a bike I would have had to move our luggage; but we were okay for the entire trip.
Our first stop was at Reservations where we were able to purchase both of our train tickets for in and out of Poland.  We have a four berth cabin each way on an overnight train.  Jim is hoping for a couple of pretty young college girls!  But at least we’ll be able to stretch out and get a few hours of sleep.  We leave at about 10 pm and arrive before 7 am.  Our hotel reservations are starting the day before so we’ll be able to go directly to our hotel from the train station to a room that is ready and waiting for us!   Then we reverse this on a night train from Krakow to Budapest after four days.

That done we found an ATM…we needed some Koruna; the local currency.  The value is about 18­­­­­­­ Koruna for $1.00.  So for $56.00 we got 1,000 K…..not sure….it’s kinda like monopoly money.  We know the Euro and it’s nice because sometimes they will take the Euro here but we always have to ask first before accepting the services or items. 
Jim was sure the hotel was just around the corner from the train station…he was right…but not near the Main Station where we got off; it was near the first station that we passed before coming into the main station.  But, we needed to get there to purchase our train tickets for Poland.  So we hailed a cab and enjoyed the ride back across the bridge for 28 Euros; negotiated before we left the station!

As soon as we checked in the rain began in earnest and has continued all evening.  The hotel is very new and lovely.  Not a Hostel!   But the price is great:  50 euros ($64.00) a night including television, breakfast and Wi-Fi.  Nice large room with a beautiful bathroom.  At the last one you could sit on the toilet and put your head in the sink at the same time; but it was all ours!
We walked around the block and found a fast food Prague hole in the wall.  For less than ten dollars we each had a chicken Fajita and a Czech draft beer!   Filled the tummy and they were very nice even though they didn’t speak English.
Tomorrow we will get on the tram; we have an all-day pass; to explore the Palace and the St. Charles Bridge area.  The weather is supposed to be clear but we’ll take the umbrellas just in case it might decide to rain.  
I hope you enjoy the photo slideshow by clicking on the link below:

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