Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prague: Hop On & Off Bus

We were out the door by 10 am; feeling very confident this morning we got on the tram and oops we made the same mistake as yesterday.  But today we got back on the tram to return to our starting point and worked at it until we found the number twelve going in the right direction. 

By 11 am we had arrived at the River and the old part of town; there we found the Hop On and Off Bus and purchased a one day pass; oh yeah…we chased it all the way up the hill to the castle before we finally caught it at a stop.  Jim said that he had definitely not planned to climb that hill again today!   But the bus was air-conditioned and we had commentary in English with classical music in between comments.  We were content to just ride the bus for the next two hours~!  
Our ticket included a one hour boat ride and we decided to catch the 1 pm cruise as the next one was not until 3 pm.  But…we were late and missed the 1 pm so we got off anyway and spent the next two hours walking the Jewish Quarter.  Lots of Synagogues and old cemeteries and very expensive shopping stores:  Cartier, Dior, Boss and Gucci to name a few.  And Jim found a funny statute of Franz Kafka…he wrote a famous short story about waking up as a cockroach!  We found some lunch/early dinner at a hole in the wall; a Falafel Pita and soon it was time to walk to the River for the 3 pm boat tour.

The boat tour was great especially since we managed to snag a couple of seats under the awning as the sun was really hot by now.  It was a beautiful day! 

By 4 pm we were back in the buses.  Switched to the Red Line and got a bus with no air conditioning or music!  Bummer, but we saw another completely different part of the city.   So worth the time. 
By 6 pm we were back on the Green Line and heading towards our tram stop where we’d first met the Bus Tour.  On our Tram and back to our hotel by 7 pm.  A good day of seeing lots of different things!   Tomorrow we take the night train to Krakow, Poland so not sure if I’ll be able to post or not; you may have to wait for a day to hear about our last afternoon in Prague and the fun of a four bed night coach!
Hope you enjoy the slideshow below:

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