Friday, August 30, 2013

Traveling to Paris

It was another long travel day.  We enjoyed the morning, leisurely getting ready for the plane trip.  Check out time was 11 am.   We stored the luggage in the lobby and then explored some of the nearby areas that we hadn’t seen.  We found one really nice area that we were sorry that we hadn’t found earlier.

At noon they called a taxi for us and he took us to the airport; very modern and new on the outskirts of town.   We couldn’t check-in until two hours before the scheduled flight with easyJet so found a spot at the Café and had some lunch.  Since we were headed for Paris we each had a Croque Monsieur…it’s late and I’m not sure of the spelling.
This was our first time on easyJet, a budget airlines; interesting experience.  They were serious when they said only one carryon item.  I’d packed my purse but they made me take the backrests and neck pillows out of the bag I had them in.  We stuffed the bags into my backpack and they let us carry the items on the plane.  But the price was very good!
Arrived in Paris on time at 6 pm but it took nearly an hour for the baggage to arrive. Since we came from an EU country…no Customs to go through.

Easily found the train to Paris, purchased our tickets and headed for the city.  When we arrived at the Luxembourg Station we got off and then found a taxi to take us to the studio apartment that we rented for the next ten days.
Not quite what we’d expected but we’re going to make the best of it we hope.  It’s after midnight and we just found that the shower is not draining properly!  Too late to call the manager so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.
We did get out and walk the area after we settled in.  Lots of restaurants that were all full of people enjoying the evening.  We’re near the Place d’Italie; a new area for us to stay in while in Paris.

Hope you enjoy the few photos that I took today.  It’s good to be in Paris.

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