Saturday, August 17, 2013

Traveling to Dresden by Train

The view from our window...
Spent the morning catching up on emails and bookkeeping and at 11:30 am the taxi came to take us to the Berlin Haupbahnoff for our train to Dresden.  Everything went fine until two seconds before we boarded and they switched the track number!  Bedlam ensued and we ended up getting on the wrong end of our car and fighting our way down to our seats for ten minutes.  When we arrived in our cabin…our four companions were there and had used all of the luggage space for their backpacks!   But everyone adjusted a bit and we settled in for our two hour train trip with a large suitcase between our feet.  But we did have window seats!
Arrived in Dresden just before 3 pm and walked the short distance to our new hotel/hostel; yes we hear the trains at night but we’re on the seventh floor (with elevators) and have a fabulous view of the city.  And best of all the price is very reasonable at only 60 euros a night.  The room is small but we have our own bathroom and television!  WiFi is free in the lobby and we have to pay 6 euros for breakfast but that starts us with full tummies every morning.
We settled in and then headed back to the train station about 5 pm for some dinner and then caught the tram into the old city to learn the lay   Surprised with the crowds but soon discovered they are having a festival this weekend:  Dresdner Stadtfest…complete with rock bands.  But we spent a couple of hours walking and taking photos while we located the things we want to visit tomorrow.
of the land.
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