Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last day in Prague

  One last day in Prague and then the night train   
Sorry about the problems in yesterday’s blog…problems with the photos.  But today is better.  Yes..we’re still in Prague…camping out in the lobby of our hotel until 8 pm when we’ll take a taxi to the train station for our overnight trip to Krakow, Poland.
This morning we were checked out of the hotel, stored the luggage, and out the door to the tram for another adventure in downtown Prague BY 10 am.  This time we made all the right choices and easily arrived within twenty minutes.  Must be time to leave as I understand the system and can read the map.
Our first stop was at the Antonin Dvorak Museum in his private home.  After changing trams we finally got off at Stepanska Street; easy to remember as we had a wonderful agent by the name of Jo Stepanenko that worked for our real estate office years ago!  Then we walked a few   The upstairs is set up for concerts; unfortunately we didn’t know that until today…we’ll save it for another trip.  He is the composer of a piece about America called “The New World”.
short blocks and had a delightful experience exploring his memories in his home.
Leaving his house we started walking towards the area of Wenceslas Square.  On the way we found a lovely old church that had a piano set up outside in the gardens for anyone to sit down and play for the enjoyment of others.  One after another gave mini concerts for us. 
Then continued walking all the way to the National Museums that are the head of the Wenscelas Square; a misnomer as the “square is about 200 feet wide and 825 yards long.  And we walked the length of it three times today!  Before we ventured down into the square we did the National Museums…the old one was not open but the new modern one was.  We really enjoyed seeing the life and times of the Emperor Franz Joseph..from 1861 to WW I.   The old one is being remodeled.  The Opera House was also there but closed except for performances.
In front of the old National Museum is the memorial to the two college students who set fire to themselves to protest the police brutality in 1969 that led to the velvet revolution and the end of communism in the Czech Republic.  Later in the day we found statues of men going up a hill and disappearing symbolizing the history of so many men disappearing from 1945 to 1969.
Then we walked all the way down the Wenscelas Square and caught the tram at the bottom to go back to the area of the Charles Bridge.  There we walked across the bridge again with thousands of other people, on to the old square to see the astronomical clock again and then wound our way through the narrow streets until we were back at   Jim has been talking for days about KFC chicken and today was the day.  I had my cell phone and tablet with me so we enjoyed our chicken, with beer, and used their free wifi service. 
Wenscelas Square where we walked all the way to the top again to the KFC restaurant that we’d seen earlier in the day.
Soon it was 4:30 pm and time to head back to the hotel. Back down the square to the trams and our trip home.  It was a long day with lots of walking but we really feel that we’ve seen Prague.

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