Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi friends and family...I'm packed and ready to leave but still have a week before I head for Florida. It's been a three month struggle to hone down the items that we're packing into our suitcase and backpack: what to take and what to buy there if needed!! Decisions, decisions. But we've closed the lid and we'll make due with what we packed.

I fly to Florida early on the morning of February 3rd....stop in San Antonio and arrive in Tampa about 4 pm. My older sister Shirley will arrive two days before me from Indiana. She will be spending a week with our oldest sister Betty who lives in Florida. My brother Joe who lives in Indiana has been in Florida since just after Christmas; spending two months with Paulette in their motor home. And, I will be staying with my twin sister Mary; so we'll all five be together for nearly a week for the first time in three years.

Then, on February 10th Mary and I fly to Miami and then on to London for the first leg of our three month trip. If anyone is interested in having a written schedule of our trip...let me know and I'll email you the schedule. We will both be journaling and posting photos on our respective blogspots. I will probably drop a short email occasionally to remind you where to find the journals. For those that love the longer version; I will probably continue to write my daily pages and can email them to you if you'd like....let me know. Most will be thrilled to enjoy the traveling with bits of stories along with photos posted on the blog! Much easier to read.

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Unknown said...

This is great Martha!! of course I'd love to read the longer version of your journal. Also you can e-mail me the schedule of your trip. Have a great time with brothers and sisters and a wonderful trip.

Thank you for keeping us posted.