Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Reunion in Florida

Hard to believe that in less than 48 hours we'll be on our way to London.  The past five days have flown with working on computers for relatives, dinners with extended family and friends along with fun events.  It's been a mini reunion with my brother and sisters here in Florida.  My brother has been visiting since Christmas from Indiana; two sisters live here and another flew in from Indiana for the week.  Our first gathering in three years.

We've played cards, bingo and had fun at the annual Trash and Treasure event at the clubhouse.  Amazing what you can find for a dollar!  The weather has been on the cold side...actually 32 degrees one morning...but we put it to good use by taking a walk in our "London clothes" to see if we'd be warm enough.  You've heard they had snow there last week!  
Friday night we attended a "Stimulus Home Party" to provide feedback for the government on what our thoughts and problems are these days.   A group of about 25 people from all across the nation from California to New York and Canada to Florida!  
This afternoon we enjoyed a visit with old friends from Indiana, Dave & Jan; who drove up from Venice to see us.  Tomorrow we'll get our hair cut, do the laundry and spend some quality time with Mary's husband Phil before leaving on Tuesday afternoon.  

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