Saturday, February 14, 2009


February 14, 2009
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Friday was spent posting a blog and photos at MacDonald’s with our breakfast before packing our bags and heading out to our new lodgings. We were awakened by the wailing of a siren hurtling down our street at 6 am; so we were off to an early start.

We discovered how to ride the bus to Paddington Train Station where we caught a train to Heathrow. There we checked our two large suitcases for the next two days before catching the bus # 285 to Hanworth located outside of Feltham, about thirty minutes by bus from Heathrow. The process took three hours! But, we arrived and found our B&B: Heathrow House; across from the Horse & Groom Pub. Very nice five bedroom home with two shared bathrooms, all recently redecorated.

Dropped our bags and headed by bus to the Feltham Train Station where we purchased round trip tickets for the twenty minute train ride to Windsor Castle. The weather has warmed a few degrees and though there are black clouds chasing us we had nary a drop of rain all day. Windsor Castle has truly been completely restored to all its glory since the fires in the early 1990’s. We were one of very few visitors as we strolled around with our free audio guides telling us the history of the items in each of the rooms, including where there was fire damage and how it was repaired. We visited Queen Mary’s Doll house, The State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel where ten reigning sovereigns are now buried.

Back on the train and headed to our B&B; we stopped at the Subway across from the bus stop and purchased Subway Salads for dinner. Just like a sandwich but without the bread. Very tasty and plenty of vegetables; something we haven’t had much of on the trip. We told the Innkeeper that we wanted breakfast at 9 am so that we could sleep in and sleep in we did; awoke about 8:30 am. Good to be in the countryside without the traffic noise.

We enjoyed a full English breakfast that is included in our room price of 65£ per night this morning. We had beans, eggs, toast, bacon and a banger with coffee! Then back to our rooms for a day of computer work. The proprietor has generously given us a passcode to use his wireless Internet right here at the house! So good to be able to sit in our rooms and use the Internet and Skype! My telephone service on Skype is also working beautifully so we’ve been able to call and talk to many friends and family. Hope to do this regularly along the trip when possible instead of sending postcards! The fee is only ten dollars a month to be able to connect so it’s truly a fabulous plus for us on this trip. We do have cell phones when the Internet is not available but that is an expensive proposition.

Since this is going to be a “day of rest” we will probably only venture out to get another Subway Salad or if we’re adventurous we may go see what the Horse & Groom Pub has to offer. Enjoyed our chat; hope that you are also enjoying them from your armchair.

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