Friday, September 25, 2009


Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 Rainy day for driving to Parikia…..

Woke to storms this morning…electricity has been in and out all morning and the storms continued all day; but we were able to find an Internet Café in Naousa that offered wireless access. Made my day to be able to send and receive emails home.

Jim checked his stock market which seems to have bounced up today. We’ve both finished reading our books so yes, the television is on tonight. We fixed our dinner here at the house after we arrived back from our daily tour. We went from Naousa, on the northern tip of the island, across to Parikia. I pronounce that one like the spice but it actually has about four syllabus and is Pa ri ki a (me thinks); Jim is very tolerant about the way I massacre pronunciations.

Walked around between rain drops in Parikia and found a November issue of the Paros News; a monthly newspaper for the foreigners on the island. Gives up-dated information on the many things happening on the island; the local store in Drios was out of this months issue already. Back in the car we drove back across the hills by way of Lefkes to see the church again and see if we could figure how to drive down to it. Looks like we’ll have to hike and with the rain today we’ll save that for another day. Every town we drive through we’re looking for restaurants. Not finding very many of them open.

Back home again before 5 pm, I fed the cats and Jim fixed our dinner from the food we’d purchased at the store yesterday; delicious as always. Still raining so I think I’ll start another book. The owners of this house have a very nice library. We’re really enjoying the down time; Jim even said that if the house had wireless Internet he might consider selling Yorba Linda and living here part time. The operative word in that sentence was “might”…it’ll never happen; he just likes to dream.

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