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Thursday, November 1st, 2007 Another day in Athens….

Last night I finished my journal and photos; went downstairs to purchase time for the Internet and spent the next three hours trying to get on line in my room. It had always worked in the room before so I was sure that I’d screwed up my computer when I had the Internet Café in Corfu put in an ISP address so that I could connect with his DSL line. Very frustrating; went down to the desk clerk once but he didn’t know any more about computers than Jim so I knew that he wouldn’t be any help. He offered to refund my three euros but I said “no” and that I’d continue trying different things.

Finally gave up about 10 pm and read my novel for a bit before calling it a night. My mind was whirling with possible solutions including spending time at a computer shop in the morning to make my wireless work again. I could connect with “limited access” but could not pull up the web page to enter my password for the service. It kept telling me to connect with a DSL line but that wasn’t possible in the hotel. I woke up about 6 am and took my laptop into the bathroom and tried again…no luck. Jim woke up about 7:30 and we headed down for breakfast. I knew that the woman would have arrived by now and she seemed to understand computers so I took my laptop to breakfast with me. I explained the problem and booted up to show her what I was talking about so that she could help me if possible.

And God blessed me with a sign on screen; apparently the room that we have now does not receive a clear signal so during breakfast I sent Journal #5 and everything else! I was a happy camper and ready for a day of touring with Mr. Jim.

We checked out after breakfast, packed the car and headed for the President Hotel across town where our tour had made reservations for us during the cruise portion of our trip. The traffic was heavy but we found our way without too much difficulty; we’re definitely getting to know Athens. Dropped off our luggage at the hotel and returned to the Acropolis area and the Budget Car Rental office; arrive right on time at 10 am. A dirty but accident and ticket free car was returned with an additional 1,905 km, about 1,200 miles.

We then walked across the Plaka, one of the oldest residential areas, all the way to the Stoa of Attalus that was restored by the Rockefeller Foundation. Then we investigated the old Byzantine Church next to it before walking through the Ancient Agora ruins all the way up the hill to the Herakleidon Museum. Found our way around to the Keramikos, the ancient cemetery, over to Hadrian’s Library, the Tower of the Winds and then back through the Plaka to the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch. Those were the first two things that we took photos of at 4 am on the morning of our arrival.

Now we can honestly say that we’ve seen all of the Acropolis! Our feet were tired and we were ready to call it a day after non-stop walking from about 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Four hours and today was one of our hottest days of the trip. We were carrying umbrellas and jackets in our backpacks but what we needed were hats! Found our way back to the Acropolis Metro Station and jumped on the train for one stop, switched lines and then headed out towards our new hotel that is located very near to the American Embassy.

Spent an hour repacking our bags so that we could travel light to Turkey with only our backpacks for the weekend as the hotel will keep our larger suitcases for us as we will be returning for one night before we go on the cruise. By now the weather had changed and it was looking rather threatening outside but we headed out to a restaurant recommended by the hotel for an early dinner.

This was another great Greek dining experience. We were at Douicissa on a small side street, which appeared to be family run. Owner was very involved with guests the whole time we were there. I had another Greek Salad as I do love them. The tomatoes are so firm and delicious; the best description is that they are “meaty”. Michael, a classmate from Indiana who is receiving the journals said that he remembers the tomatoes in Greece were the best he’d ever eaten outside of Indiana. I must say I totally agree with him. Jim had a hamburger with Greek cheese that the owner guaranteed to be the best he’d ever eaten. It was really good, Jim talked to the owner afterwards and he told him the family ingredients that are used…including lemon juice, fresh tomatoes, fresh parsley, and three drops of Tabasco sauce that Jim didn’t taste. It was delicious! When they served us our bread basket it came with fresh cream sauce with leeks and bell peppers and some other favors that was so good we ate way too much bread just to keep eating the sauce.

Headed back to the hotel with a stop at the phone booth to leave a message for Julie and just then it started to rain. Walked very fast and reached the hotel before the rain really started to come down; we’d left the hotel without jackets or umbrellas.

To bed early after an hour on the Internet, phone call and fax from Julie regarding our cruise and our ten days after the cruise that she has arranged for us. Tomorrow starts at 4:30 am; so we hope to get a good nights sleep. See you in Turkey!

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