Sunday, January 10, 2010

IRISH EXPERIENCE - September 2003


During a three month European Trip in 2002, a yen for relatives conjured up a plan to travel to Ireland in 2003 with my sister Mary and her husband Phil along with Jim’s sister Barbara and her husband John. We quickly sent off emails and found that both were open to the plan! Both of our brother-in-laws are Irish!

Returning home that fall, I traveled to Indiana for a few weeks with my family and to give our 24/7 marriage some breathing room. Working with my sister we soon had plans formed for a tour. Our first choice was a Rick Steves Tour but after discovering that in-suite rooms were not guaranteed; we found another tour that handled the luggage and guaranteed a toilet in each and every room! Plus it made a stop at Dunluce Castle on the Northern Coast of Ireland; a must for Phil as his mother’s ancestors hailed from there.

Reservations were made on December 27th with Trafalgar Tours through Auto Club Travel Services. Jim’s sister arranged their plane reservations as they were staying over a few extra days in London on the way home. My sister would fly by way of Atlanta Georgia and we would have a non-stop trip over Canada. It would be an eleven-day trip with three days of travel!

Leaving in the late evening on September 10th we arrived in Dublin in the late afternoon on September 11th, 2003. Flying home will seem shorter as we gain back the nine hours that we lost on the way over.

2003 Irish Experience

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