Saturday, June 25, 2011


Saturday, March 7th, 1992 Paris

Jim arrived just in time to see me wince as they pushed and pulled the arm in fitting a plastic base for a cast. Ouch! But it worked and we finally left the hospital by noon. I was told that I had to return on Wed. 11th between 9 & 11 am for an x-ray before they would release my records to take home. The insurance company will not pay for any future medical expense on the arm done in France. Should be home for the removal of the pins. A change of plans as we'd not planned on staying in Paris this long.

Lots of aspirin and off we went past the Eiffel Tower and out to Versailles. Took a while but we found our way there. As we went in to the Palace, a couple turned around and said how great to HEAR English. They also were doing it on their own; but, on subway and train. He was amazed that Jim is driving and loving every minute of it. The place was great but since it was late afternoon, the mirror room was not quite as stunning as it could have been. We then walked through town and had a coffee and our own pastry croissant in a tearoom. Back to the car and off to Paris. ( At that time we didn't even think about touring the gardens...we thought the Palace was it.)

We drove to the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees, the circle was great fun for Jim. Then on the hill in the distance we spied the white church…Montmartre; also known as Sacre-Coeur. Off we went to the top of the hill. The view was great but the battery was running low on the camera.

We decided to find the Moulin Rouge and it took some doing but finally arrived at the famous red windmill…parked in the center of the street to take some footage!

It was quite a feat finding our way home, another trip around the Arc then zip down the Rue de Charles to the Louvre and home. Jim picked up 1 pizza and 2 pieces of quiche. They were yummy. Then he washed my hair before I showered with plastic on my arm. Aaah…clean hair at last. Jim then went for a walk while I watched the batteries recharge and finished my postcards. As I continued to write this Jim has returned with info on time for mass at Notre Dame for tomorrow.

Time to say goodnight…PS: No TV here. Jim gave me another piece of jewelry tonight........... the bee ...... he's such a sweetheart! I wonder how many of these he has with him??

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Mary said...

Love the blog..any ideal on how the cost in 1992 compare to today?
Would make an interesting side note. My question is at Versailles were the mirrows in the great hall in better shape than they were in 2009? If I remember correctly they really were in need of some work when we saw them.