Thursday, June 30, 2011


Friday, March 13th, 1992 Normandy

Slept in until 9 am. Train did not come by all night. We heard one as we came home and one just after we woke up. We were about thirty feet from the track! The hostess was a bit worried about our International Phone call made last night on a calling card; but we assured her that she wouldn't see any charges on her telephone. Difficult to do with the language barrier. She spoke very little English and you know about our French ability!

Lovely breakfast of juice, rolls, and coffee. Lots of coffee in wide shallow cups. Jim got hot milk instead of cold and he talked to the manager about her husband who manages a soccer team. On the road again through the farmlands to St. Malo. A lovely seaside town. Double walled that was pretty well destroyed in WWII. Was great to walk through but the cold wind made walking difficult especially on the ocean side. The Musee (museum) was closed but the church was great. Medieval Normandy castle walls. Back on the road south towards Renne. Stopped along the highway to eat lunch. Water, bread, 2 bananas we bought yesterday and peanut butter from home. Such a feast! Also, a snicker bar for dessert.

Finally reached Renne about 4:30 pm and found a hotel named Victor Hugo in the center of town. Registered and then set off to explore the town by foot until 8:30 pm Saw two churches, a third one was locked. Had drinks at French Fast Foods then to Italian plaza for speggitti, wine, salad and ice cream dessert. Nice evening and we’re taking showers tonight plus we have a toilet and all for 225f. Dinner was a grand total of 143f. (the wine was 70f) Today we noticed tree roots, etc. cleared are used to make natural fences between the fields. Also many homes and barns are one building. Also found a burned out orphanage. Looked like WWII shell on way down to Renne. Took photo of cherry blossom in St. Dominic.

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