Friday, March 2, 2012

One Month To Go!

February is finally over and we leave one month from today! Plans are moving along but I'm really anxious for the trip to begin. I've been researching daily on the computer about all the things to see in the twenty arrondissements that make up the city of Paris. By breaking them down into twenty sections we've got manageable lists of so many different things that we'll never get to see all of them. But, I've printed maps and located everything for each day so that we can easily find where we're going. Now to plan which arrondissement (love that word!) to go to on each many decisions.

Little museums are high on our list: Musee du la Vie Romantique, Edith Piaf Museum, Tapestries Manufacturing Museum, Musee Jean Moulin (a French Resistance Fighter in WW II) and list goes on and on. Parks and private gardens we've found in a book called "Quiet Corners of Paris" have all been found and marked on the maps. We've been told it's okay to open gates that are unlocked to peek inside of these quiet corners.

Our travel friends are in the midst of the terrible storms in Indiana today and we're keeping them in our prayers. Tornadoes can be deadly but then we live in earthquake country! So until next week...stay safe everyone.

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