Monday, March 26, 2012

One More Week.....

Monday, 26 March 2012

Hard to believe but we're almost ready to leave....this time next week we'll be flying over the USA to Chicago and on to Paris arriving the next morning. This morning I made sure all of my things will fit into the suitcase ... again.... and then took them back out for final review later this week before the final packing!

Today I read an article about how to dress up an all black or gray outfit in Paris: add a scarf, hat or pin but only one...never add all three! I have a hat, four different scarves and I added a couple of pins to my costume jewelry box so I'm sure that I've quadrupled my outfit variation! Contrary to previous trips; I won't feel like I'm in the same clothes day after day after day! What a difference a pin, scarf or hat will make!

Months ago, in preparation for this trip, I began to read blog spots that highlight Paris. I have shared some of them with you and my favorites are:

I check each of these daily for the newest's mostly one new photo per day...and tidbits of how to catch the essence of Paris. I also enjoy several sites on Facebook:

Bonjour Paris and Americans in France

All of the above have sharpened my pencil as we searched for sites to visit both in Paris and throughout our tour of France with our friends in the latter half of our trip.

We've had each of the local children and their families over for a dinner this past month; how delightful to spend an evening devoted to just one family; we actually had our dinners at the dining room table with candlelight. I think they've enjoyed this unusual family time as much as we have! For some, one of the big pluses was some quality time with their adult children who no longer live at home. And, we just heard that the four families who live nearby are all getting together for our traditional Easter Brunch after church. Generally I plan this and it's at our house but they put it together all on their own at the oldest daughter's home! Makes a mother proud!

à bientôt

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