Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We're Cruising the Panama Canal Journey from LA to Florida

Here we go again!  Jim and I will be leaving on Saturday, October 11th, along with very good friends Dave and Shari.   Our trip will be a multi-layer adventure beginning with a Cruise through the Panama Canal during a 22 day trip ending in Tampa Florida.  The map I found on the Internet gives you an approximate view as we start in Los Angeles and end in Florida.  In between we've many different stops for a variety of activities.

We will spend one whole day going through the Panama Canal on the 21st before enjoying the ruins in the jungles and a fun day in Puntarenas as we spin over the ziplines. 

As you know; cruises are not known for the best of the Internet so bear with me as I post whenever I can and will finish up while we spend two weeks in Florida with family before we fly to Peru.   If you are a fan of Instagram; I'm going to be posting photos when possible.  Look for marthajansen.      

Our last two weeks will be in Peru to experience the historical Machu Picchu ruins high in the mountains.   Then it's back to Los Angeles and family to celebrate the Christmas Holidays.  Hopefully most of the holiday decor will be up and waiting for us when we return.  Our elves are the multitude of children we have in and out of the house while we are traveling the world.  So nice to know someone is taking care of everything!

Check in regularly and enjoy another Armchair Travel Adventure with Martha

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