Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roatan, Honduras & Belize

Monday while we were “at sea” Shari and I spent an hour in the spa with a free consultation on how to look ten years younger!  As we’d both suspected…it was a nicely presented presentation to get us to spent at least $700.00 or so for injections and creams.  Oh well, it was fun and a nice way to spend an hour. 
I’d posted my previous blog during the afternoon and after a delicious dinner we all went to the theater and laughed almost continuously for an hour with the comedian Noodles.  Most of his stories were based on everyday life on cruise ships that we could all relate to easily.  One of the funniest came from a member of the audience when Noodles asked him about the shower in his room.  He immediately responded by saying that you soaped the walls and spun around!   We all enjoyed the reference to our small round showers!  
We moved our clocks back an hour and headed for bed after a stroll around the open deck. 
Tuesday morning we were awake at six o’clock and looking forward to a visit to Honduras and the port city of Roatan,   We arrived in a pouring rain storm.   Deck Six is covered by Deck Seven and we were still able to enjoy our two mile walk with views of the port through the raindrops.  At nine o’clock I headed for the Dazzles Lounge to listen to a presentation on how to become a Travel Writer.  She was very good and prior to working for the cruise lines she had written for several different magazines as a freelance writer and also had a blog online.  She had some good tips but it was definitely geared on how to publish and/or make money with your writings.   I did give her my card and hopefully she take a look at my blog and give me some good advice about how to improve my style. 

After lunch we grabbed our umbrellas and headed off the ship to visit the shops that lined the dock; full of every imaginable trinket and brightly colored shirts to entice us to spend our dollars.  We did split the cost of a bottle of wine (plus the corkage fee to bring it aboard).   Soon we were back aboard the ship and deep into our favorite game of cards.   Today the girls played the boys and the boys skunked us with 13,420 to our 3,510.   For those that know the game; that’s really bad!   But we’re all good sports and it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon.   We rarely saw the sun today!
By 5:30 pm we were all decked out in our sparkly evening clothes and met in Dave and Shari’s room for a glass of our new wine along with some crunchies from the Garden Café…..fruit loop cereal!  
Then off to the fancy Italian Restaurant on board called La Cucina.  Very elegant décor and delicious Italian food for every course. 
The main show was a repeat from the prior cruise so we made it an early evening.   I did two turns around deck six and then headed in to read my book.  Our hallway has been very interesting today and will be again tomorrow; they are installing new carpet! 
Wednesday, Day #4 of the new cruise.  I woke at 5 am and headed out in the dark to get my hour of walking in while I watched the sun come up.  It was a beautiful sunrise and we were in the port by six o’clock when I went back to the cabin with our morning coffee and chocolate.  Jim was still asleep so I sat in the atrium and read my book until seven.  When I went into the room Jim said it was raining; news to me as it’d been clear when I walked.   Sure enough it was pouring outside when we went up to the Garden Café for breakfast.  The place was packed as people were up early again as we’d set out clocks back another hour last night.
Belize looks beautiful from what we can see.    We are sitting off shore with another even larger cruise ship.  There are many small tenders transporting passengers to the dock.  We’re reading now and will go in to see the shops after we have lunch at 11:30 am.    Probably won’t stay long but will be a good experience to ride the tender both ways.  The weather has finally cleared and they are saying that we’re having sunshine for the balance of the afternoon. 

Tomorrow will be another day and I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens in Belize.  Thanks for stopping by to check on our adventure.    Below is the slideshow.

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