Sunday, June 28, 2015


It's been two weeks since I've taken a day off....but today is Sunday and I've decided to take one.  It's Mass with the family, a memorial service and then a flotilla with neighbors in the late afternoon.

My scorecard for last week:
Sunday....5.30 miles, Monday. ..4.47 miles, Tuesday. ..12.84, Wednesday. ..4.10 miles, Thursday. ..7.26 miles, Friday. ..6.44 miles, Saturday. ...8.10 miles.  A total of 48.51 miles.

My first ever adventure into the state park that is within walking distance of our home.  I've tried some new things today in my quest to learn more about posting on my cell phone.  Hoping that is all works.  Buen Camino


Leslie in Oregon said...

Gee, those hills around your home look dry. Are they green when there hasn't been a long-term drought? Will the topography, flora (or lack thereof) and climate on the pilgrimage be similar to what you are encountering on your hikes? You certainly are doing a wonderful job of getting or staying in shape for your the pilgrimage. With admiration, Leslie

Martha said...

Hi Leslie....hope you had a good 4th. Yes...our hills go brown every summer. Spain will be a bit of everything..
Green forests, mountains, and stretches of barren dirt roads. We actually drove most of the route on a trip to Spain about ten years ago. So I'm well prepared for the different terrains that I will be walking. Martha