Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Last week I made a mistake and put it was the second week for the second time. so yes this is week 4. Leslie in Oregon: love seeing your comments yes I am aware of the disappearance. I'm walking east to west so I will end up on the ocean at the end.  The photo is of my oldest daughter Jenn who paces me on a long hike once a week.
I'm actually 2 days late in posting this but for the fourth week I did 45 miles : I took sunday off and on Monday June the 15th I did my longest ever hiked it was 16.9 miles and it took me just under seven hours to do the walk. I then sat down and reevaluate my days on the actual journey to make sure there were no more 16 mile hikes. I gave up my days off and spread the miles over the extra 3 days. on Tuesday June the 16th I did 5. 11 miles in less than 2 hours. on Wednesday 6. 11 miles and on Thursday 6.9 miles. Friday I stretched my pace and did 10. 44 miles and then saturday I relaxed and did 2 miles around the lake just to keep my feet moving. I hope you're enjoying keeping up with my progress it keeps me moving just knowing that a few of you out there are  following my story. the backpack is nearly done and then in another week I'll start caring  it every once in awhile.  I'm typing this on my cell phone so that I can learn to do it before I go on my trip as this will be my only computer during my journey.   buen Camino

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