Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This is a bit late but trying to keep in the habit of posting...Last week was 8 am to 4 pm...sometimes earlier and sometimes later at the rummage sale at our local church...we started on July 10th and the final day was July 19th.  Long days of constantly being on my feet so I logged many steps but not out in the open air.  But it was a great success and although the final figures are not in they raised just over $30,000. for our parish!  Here are photos of just two corners of the massive sale!

But I did get up very early and managed to walk 4.76 miles on Monday before going to work at the church and again on Tuesday I walked 7.78 miles.  By Wednesday....too tired to do the miles.

On Monday July 20th, I was up and out early for 5.07 miles and again on Tuesday for 5.17 miles.  Today, July 22nd I carried my backpack (17 pounds) and walked 7.16 miles in 2 hours, 38 minutes.

Hope this finds all of you enjoying life and finding bright spots in each of your days!

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Leslie in Oregon said...

You are amazing...logging miles with backpack and working long days at the rummage sale. Well done!!