Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Jim developed a chest cold and on July 31st,  we decided to change our.flight home to August 2nd.  We were able to get a red eye  flight arriving at 6 am Saturday  morning. 

Good that we make the decision as by the time of the flight we both had colds .  So glad we made the decision .  It has  been good to be home. 

Wonderful trip with fantasic memories.  Thanks for sharing our adventure.


Awais iqbal said...

your article is well writtened

Unknown said...

Hello Martha!!

First off, it is very enjoyable reading about all of your travel adventures!
How lucky you are to have been able to see so many places!

Secondly, I actually came across your blog because I was searching for your name. I am doing my family tree and it shows that you and your twin sister are my 1st cousins once removed. I am trying to fill in my family tree in an attempt to locate my father.
Would you be able to help? I just need to see who your parents were.
Please feel free to contact me via email robinrtheobald@gmail.com or on Facebook.
My maiden name is Deckard. My mother's maiden name is Wilma Deckard and her parents were Luke (Rufford) and Edith Deckard. Luke's parents were Lee & Levesta Deckard.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Robin (Deckard) Theobald