Thursday, August 1, 2019

Day 17. Day Off

Mr Jim woke up with a cold this morning.  Too many handrails he thinks.  But have put us both on a thrufu regime  and Jim stayed in bed all day wearing a facemask.   I played lots of solitaire cards. 

Based on the fact that due to better than perfect weather, we have completed all of our planned adventures.   We called the airlines and moved our scheduled departure up a few days and will now arrive home early Saturday morning.  We have a non-stop 5 hour flight that arrives at 6 am.  I think they call it the red eye!

But will be good to be home.  Hoping Jim is better tomorrow and if so we'll do a Red Trolley tour of the city in the afternoon  before leaving.  I'll do a wrap up entry when we get home.

We are staying in a private room in a Hostel and have met many wonderful travelers... most carrying large backpacks.  People from Portugal, Spain, Austrilia, England. Ireland and more.  So much fun to find out their stories.  They have two dorm rooms and many private rooms, three stories.   Huge kitchen, great and reasonably  priced laundry area and lovely owners who work on site.  Each floor has two individual bathrooms that everyone shares.

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Awais iqbal said...

I hope you enjoyed those places...