Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Day 16... Museums

After our exciting day yesterday, today was a quiet day spent in Anchorage.

Slept in and enjoyed a slow morning.   We walked to a local Carl's Jr. for a light breakfast.  Then about noon we used the GPS on our phone and drove to the coast to find the Earthquake Museum.   It is outside in the area when a 9.1 earthquake happened on Good Friday, March 27, 1964.    
Many homes were destroyed and the city of Anchorage, along with several others were severely damaged. 

In the area we walked this morning, a sharp cliff still exists where a portion of the shoreline literally dropped into the sea.  Spaced along the trail were displays telling the story of the worst earthquakes in North American history.  Very informative and makes us think about more preparation in our own home.

We then drove back into downtown and found the new Anchorage Museum.  Spent two hours walking through the various exhibits.  The portion of painting was only a very small part; they were very good and we really enjoyed the many paintings of various views of Mt Denali.  A large portion of the museum was dedicated to the historical Alaska Indian tribes. 

Back  to our Hostal where we enjoyed our almost daily game of cards and meeting new guests that just arrived from France. 

And so another comes to close.  This time next week we'll be home.

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