Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Day Off and Sainte Eustache Cathedrale

Slept in this morning and enjoyed a day off.  We did a load of laundry in our little washing machine in the apartment and it is now drying on the rack and assorted other places around the apartment.   Worked on my blog from yesterday and finally at noon headed out the door in bright beautiful sunshine with Jane to find a shop to fix my glasses.  We walked down Sainte-Michel as we’d seen one from the bus and they only took ten minutes to complete the repair:  Les Opticiens Conseils…if you are ever in need.  They would not let me pay for the repair!   The lens is still scratched but they are intact!
Then to the Orange telephone shop where we added more time to the second cell phone and confirmed that it would be best to pick up a new “pay and go” phone in Italy for cheaper fees than using the French phone which would work but be expensive.
A stop at the Monoprix for a few things and then back to the apartment.  Bonnie seems to have a cold so we have quarantined her cup!  Not surprising as many people have colds out on the street and it is especially noticeable in the Metro System where we are always hanging on to poles to prevent falling over.
Mary and I enjoyed an evening out by ourselves on the Metro System to attend 6 pm Mass at Sainte Eustache Cathedrale.  We’d gone early in hopes of an organ concert before Mass but it didn’t happen.   
But, there was organ music for the Mass.  Home again we enjoyed dinner in the apartment with Bonnie and Jane.   It was good to have an off day.  Hope you enjoy the little slideshow…I promise this is the last photo of my eye…by the way…it’s doing fine!  I also thought you'd enjoy the photo of our four flights of stairs...77 steps to reach our apartment!

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