Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Serendipity Day in Paris

We were all up early this morning as Jane left for a couple of days back in England to visit her 100 year old mother; she returns by Chunnel on Wednesday to continue our trip as we journey to Italy on Thursday.  We’ll miss her for the next couple of days.

At 10 am Mary and I headed out for some exploring; first we caught bus # 27 that took us along the left bank towards the Eiffel Tower.  Then we switched and caught a different bus that took us across the Seine River on the past the Place de La Concorde with a quick view of the La Madeleine Church and some very expensive designer stores.  Soon we arrived at blvd Haussmann and the Printemps Department Store.  We left the bus and explored the store including the eighth floor that is open to the rooftop with three hundred sixty degree views of Paris.   From there we walked the few blocks to the Galeries Lafayette where Mary purchased her coffee cup of Paris that she’d been looking for; one last glance at the stained glass dome and we were out the door to the Metro and a fast trip back to the apartment to check on Bonnie by noon.

Soon we were all three out the door and on to our next adventure.   We caught the RER and rode the train all the way to Princess Diana’s “People’s Memorial” at the golden flame on Pont L’Ama.   The newer comments of the bridge had to do with her new grandson.  It continues to amaze me each time I see the site.   From there we went by bus to the Rue de Rivoli where we walked for blocks looking for Bonnie’s cape that she wanted to purchase.  Finally stopped at a McCafe (McDonald’s fancy foods) and had croissants before continuing on our walk.   At the Royal Palace entrance we decided to catch the Metro towards Gambetta; that took about three transfers; and there we caught the number sixty-nine bus for the hour long cross town trip all the way to Champs de Mar and the Eiffel Tower.

One last walk under the Eiffel Tower on a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky.  And, for some reason, the top was closed and people could only go to the second level today!  So sad for those that had pre-purchased tickets online!  The slideshow has a photo of Mr. Eiffel…some say that my husband resembles Mr. Eiffel; maybe it’s the beard.
We caught the RER back to Sainte Michel and then began walking towards home.  We stopped on one of the little side streets at a bar and enjoyed drinks before continuing our trek homeward.   We also stopped to visit Issy, the cat in the hotel at St. Severin where we have stayed several times while in Paris.
We were home before 6 pm; we enjoyed an early dinner in the apartment; phone calls and computers filled the evening and we’re all off to bed early tonight. 

 Hope you enjoy the little slideshow: 

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