Sunday, September 8, 2013

Marche aux Puces and Saint-Denis Basilica

We were out the door by 10 am headed for the Metro and our trip out to the north of Paris to an area known as Porte de Cignancourt where the most famous flea market in France is located.  It is known as the Marche aux Puces.   We’d tried last spring to find it but only found a piece of the fringe; today we found the real thing.  Fantastic!  It goes on and on and on.   You could furnish a whole house from this market with very old antiques. 
But the question continues to arise…how do we ship it to America!   It would cost much more than the object itself to ship!  Lots of fun and we spent zero so we were definitely ahead of the game.   
After several hours we got back on the Metro and headed for Saint Denis Basilica.  He is the patron saint of Paris and all of the royal tombs are in this church.  It is located outside of the city of Paris on the north side…a bit further than the flea market.  Again, we’d gone last year but did not pay the fee to visit the tombs.  This year we did and it was well worth the cost.
Back to the Metro and over to Place Gambetta….very near the Pere Lachaise Cemetery on the western side of Paris.  There we caught the # 69 bus that runs across the center of Paris for nearly an hour to the Champ de Mars.  We got off just before arriving so that we could walk to our favorite shopping street called Rue Cler.  There we spent time at the crepe shop called Ulysse enjoying a ham and cheese (jambon and fromage) crepe along with a bottle of Greek Beer.  Delicious and something we always have while in Paris! 
Soon it was nearly 5 pm so we headed out for the   We were a few minutes late but arrived in time for the 5:30 organ concert before Mass and then stayed after for more after mass.  He is a master at getting the most out the organ and better than most concerts that you pay for.
Metro and crossed the river to the Les Halles area and Saint Eustache.
Soon we were home…it was nearly 8 pm and we enjoyed some wine and chips while making our phone calls this evening.  Tomorrow we move again to a larger studio apartment near the Eiffel Tower…the girls are arriving on Tuesday!
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